Bathroom renovations Kiama

Determining Factors For A Successful Bathroom Renovation

A successful renovation should incorporate aesthetics with functionality. The initial phases of the project tend to focus on layout, colour, fixtures, and fittings. They are all important, but you should not forget to think about the little things, too. They can make a big difference in the overall design, look, and feel. If ignored, you will have to redo them, which could contribute to additional expenses.

Here is some crucial information that can make or break the success of your bathroom renovation in Kiama.


By moving warm air outside, proper ventilation can extend your bathroom’s life; prevent the build-up of moisture on fixtures, paint, between tiles and wallpaper. In addition, after a hot shower, it cools down the air, making it more comfortable and helping to defog the mirrors faster.


The color is a critical factor for architecture, and you do not need to settle for plain old white either. To make patterns stand out, choose contrasting shades that clearly define each piece. With marble designs and similar types, it is best to fit the grout to the tile. You can check with the spare tiles to see if you have selected the right one.


Artificial and natural lighting are essential in every bathroom renovation project. Frosted or shaded windows can make the sunshine bright. On the other hand, installations can highlight key areas such as the bath, shower, or sink. It is also essential to have enough electrical outlets to charge electronics or plug hair dryers, curlers, and the likes. Be sure to place them away from the bath for safety purposes.


These days, you can choose from long racks in the shower or tile inserts that have been designed to match the drain. Prepare this part in advance, because both the plumber and the tiler need to handle it when preparing the board for bathroom renovation.


Real estate agents and builders should suggest two sinks per the main bathroom, particularly for guests and master baths. This allows multiple people to use the bathroom at once. Members of your household will brush their teeth; shave their beards, make-up, and more side-by-side.


Instead of having a shower door, most homeowners prefer a walk-in type these days. Discuss the fall of the floor and the depth of the shower with your bathroom contractor to prevent it from spilling out before starting your bathroom renovation. This is particularly important for the open suites that are connected to the carpeted bedrooms.


It is not usual for bathrooms to be large, so space is limited. A realistic yet comfortable bathroom must have enough space to meet your needs. Counter space should allow you to set up bottles, brushes, jewellery, and combs. The recessed shelves behind the mirrors should enable easy access to the toiletries. Deep closets should provide plenty of storage for cleaning supplies, towels, and more.


Tiles seldom fit perfectly into space, so there will undoubtedly be those that need to be cut to suit. Think about where you want these bits to go, either at the ceiling or at the bottom of the walls. 

Overall, following the above-discussed tips will enable you to have a successful bathroom renovation in Kiama that everybody will admire.