Which One To Choose Between Semi Framed Shower Screen And Frameless Option?

Nowadays, while searching the internet for the best shower screens, you have come across huge varieties, which you didn’t even know existed. Framed shower screens are so old school and there are so many new options available in the market lately. So, it is genuinely important for you to learn more about the other alternative options available before you can finalize the one you are planning to choose right now.

Well, choosing between the frameless and semi-framed shower screen can be a tough ordeal but these two options are gaining worldwide popularity right now. So, work your way for the best semi-framed screening option in here.

Which one seems to be the best?

Even though any form of shower screen is pretty functional, but each one has its design statement. Nothing works better than any frameless or semi-framed option. But, when the matter revolves around making the right choice, each one of them both will have relative cons and pros to them. So, what are the criteria to look for when it comes to shower screens? It is time to learn about those points here.

Check in with the cost:

Whenever costing is the main factor to consider, frameless options are likely to be around 50% more expensive. As you can understand from the name itself, this screen will not have any frame around it. That means it can hold up with the sophisticated fixing mechanism with the help of toughened fixing. That’s when the cost is likely to be swallowed up.
On the other hand, you have the semi-frameless option, where the frame is around the glass’s perimeter. They are pretty easy to fit in and will not need any specialist fixings. So, they are noted to be a cheaper version, without compromising on the beauty much. Therefore, if you do have a tight budget plan, then going for the semi-frameless option is your right goal here.

Checking out with the variety:

You have frameless and semi-frameless options, which are both available in the same thicknesses of 6mm, 8mm, 10, and 12 mm. The last two options are mainly examples of toughened glass and there are multiple sizes to choose from. Both these options are genuinely available in frosted, tinted, clear, and even slump glass. Some are even available in their bespoke design if you want to. Well, the rates are subject to differ in such cases.

When it is about the semi-framed glass-based shower screen, the framing remains fashioned from aluminium. These options are available in so many shades and colors too. So, it is easier to find matches with such screens, if you have any color variation to focus at.

When the term is about aesthetics:

When the matter revolves around the complete look and finish, both these options are likely to be fantastic, based on the right setting in here. Butt, if you are falling under the category of a perfectionist and looking for seamless, sophisticated, and streamlined bathroom design, then a frameless shower screen might have been able to provide that wow factor. It is mainly because of the edge it has.

Reasons to head for the frameless option:

Want to know why the frameless screens are gaining quite some popularity among the masses these days, even when they are expensive? The reasons are listed below:

These products are aesthetically pleasing and quite chic
The frameless enclosure can raise the value of your place
Quite easy to clean up
Comes with a special protective coating to resist drip marks and soap scum
Thicker glass with premium quality looks
Perfect for smaller spaces or areas with lower light

Reasons for the semi-framed option:

Even though people are opting for frameless shower screens these days, but there are loads of others willing to end up with the semi-framed shower screen option. Want to know why? Let’s find out the answer then. The screens are less-cluttered when compared to a fully framed option Fixing can be easily adjusted to accommodate all kinds of discrepancies for uneven wall Minimalistic framework for tight spaces like smaller shower rooms or roof conversions. The finals election solely depends on you as each one is a perfect choice for the masses. But for a cost-effective option, the semi-framed door is a good call to address.