What Type Of Bathroom And Kitchen Tiles Must You Choose?

Tiles make up a large portion of the bathroom and kitchen’s walls and floors; special care must be made while selecting them. Bathroom and kitchen tiles are available in various sizes, colours, forms, and styles. Each type of bathroom and kitchen tile has its own set of needs. It’s crucial to understand this before you go out and buy tile since it’ll assist you in picking which type to use in your kitchen and bathroom.

Here are the most famous varieties of the bathroom and kitchen tiles used for the walls and floors.

  • Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is one of the most popular types of kitchen and bathroom tile. Ceramic tiles are formed of water, clay, and minerals and are cooked in a kiln. 

Because of its easy-to-maintain and moisture-resistant characteristics, ceramic tiles are a widespread bathroom and kitchen wall and flooring choice. In the summer, these tiles keep the floor cool, keeping it warm in the winter. It Comes in varieties of shades and patterns.

They’re also relatively simple to set up. You may be as creative as you want with ceramic tiles. Because they are economical and come in various shades, you may experiment with a multi-coloured floor or even a tile design.

  • Vinyl kitchen and bathroom tiles

Vinyl bathroom and kitchen tiles enable the creation of high-end, sophisticated floors that are also more durable at a lower cost. Vinyl flooring that appears like actual wood floors, natural stone floors, and even ceramic floors are available. 

Plank vinyl tiles have the appearance of hardwood flooring without the cost or upkeep. In bathrooms and kitchens, vinyl tiles are the most popular. It’s simpler to set up and because it’s reusable, more environmentally friendly. 

  • Stone tile

Marble, granite, limestone, and slate tiles are becoming increasingly popular. The colour palette includes creams, blues, reds, and greens. On the other hand, Stone tiles demand more maintenance in terms of regular cleaning and are thus more expensive than different tiles. 

Stone has a distinct appearance that no other tile can match. Kitchen and bathroom tiles made of stone have a natural and attractive appearance.

  • Porcelain tile

Porcelain bathroom and kitchen tile is identical to ceramic tile but has a higher durability and water resistance level. Porcelain tile flooring also requires less care.

Sweeping and mopping with a damp towel are typically all that is required to clean it. It’s so resistant that it’s suitable for use in commercial and other high-stress settings. Porcelain tiles are more expensive than ceramic tiles. Because of the complex installation, the installation expenses are more significant.

  • Pebble Tile 

Pebble tile is a type of tile that is made out of pebbles. It’s a style that incorporates nature into the bathroom and kitchen. It’s a long-lasting material. 

The main disadvantage is cleaning it, which is difficult considering it does not have as smooth a surface as other tiles. Small pebbles of varied colours and sizes are bound together by resin or concrete in pebble tiles. No two pebble stone flooring tiles are the same since the rocks are mined organically from stone.

These are some of the best types of bathroom and kitchen tiles available in the market. Do proper research before buying one for your space.