twin showers

The Twin Shower System Is Luxury And Practicality Rolled Into One

Has it ever occurred to you that a five-star hotel bathroom or the one inside a super popular spa facility always feels special? The reason is that you feel pampered inside those bathrooms and you also feel like the water has washed away all the stress and tension from your life. Now, you wish to repeat that feeling over and over again but you do not know what to do. Well, you can choose to install a twin shower system in your bathroom so that you do not have to feel deprived of that beautiful feeling every time you are inside the showering zone. 

  1. Is Space a Problem?:

Many of us might think that to install a twin rail shower system we require huge space inside the bathroom. Well, that is wrong. Instead of having a sprawling bathroom which might scare you after watching a creepy movie you can simply rely on clever design to provide the best option for you. No matter how much space is there inside your bathroom, you can have it installed. The expert designers you hire will go with width measurement which is the most important one to note. The central entrance should be wide enough for 2 wall-mounted showerheads and also for 2 overhead rain showers which will be mounted on the ceiling. Having a shared vanity space inside the bathroom actually saves a lot of time. 

Well, if you are still not convinced as to why you should have a twin shower rail inside the bathroom, here are some more reasons to consider the out-of-the-box design. 

  • Opulence – Twin shower heads inside a bathroom provide feelings of opulence and grandeur along with being practical. They truly appear beautiful and often provide a relaxed atmosphere to delve deep and achieve peace within. The rain shower heads will make sure that your body gets fully drenched, and the shower rail can be used to provide relaxation to a particular body part. The combination of heads and rails will provide the utmost invigorating experience for you at home after a long day of hard work. 
  • Chic Designs – The twin rails and showerheads are available in different designs and various colours. Whichever finish you want to have for your bathroom, you will have it provided you search for it nicely. These days electronically advanced showers are available with sellers which could work miracles for you inside your peaceful haven. 
  • Flexibility – Twin shower heads will mean more flexibility to choose the type of bathing you wish to experience. Each shower will offer a different kind of spray making sure that you have the best feeling in your life. You can shower yourself with all the love of water and the hand-held one will ensure that your hair does not get wet. Wow! There is so much freedom in dowering now.
  • Easy Cleaning – Cleaning the shower enclosure becomes easy with dual shower options because you can clean one with the other. Isn’t it fun? Well, you can clean the entire enclosure with the hand-held one. Even though this is not one of the major advantages, it still is a practical solution. 
  • Budget – If you are thinking that so much opulence will cost a fortune, it is not true. The twin shower system is not always immensely expensive. There is a combination for every budget, you simply have to choose the right one keeping in mind the bathroom décor and your budget. The mixer combo is affordable and so is the electric dual shower combo. The digital ones may be a little expensive but then you are clever enough. 
  1. Choosing the Best Combination of Twin Shower System:

So, now that you know about twin shower heads and twin shower rails the next thing to find out will be which combination is best suited for you. Nowadays the dual shower kits come with showerheads, hand-held showers, hose, and the diverter mount. Thus, you will not have to run from pillar to post trying to know where to find the best combo for your luxury experience. However, there are certain points to consider before choosing a combination. Here are some factors to help you choose the right one. 

  • Ceiling or Wall – This is the first obvious question faced by anyone trying to buy a dual shower system. Whether you wish to have the water dripping from overhead or at an arm’s length. It depends on how you enjoy your shower. Overhead showers can drench you totally providing an all-round experience whereas the wall-mounted one offers a more forceful throw of water. Choose carefully. 
  • Pressure and Coverage – While deciding to install twin shower heads pressure and coverage should be the two vital points in your mind. The pressure of water will either make you feel relaxed or get you disgruntled and leave you hurt as well. The coverage is obviously the issue of how much overheads will cover when they spray water. The Rain shower head offers more coverage which means the pressure is less making it a comfortable affair for you. 
  • Shower Head Diameter – Most showerheads come in a size range of 8 inches to 12 inches. The 8 inches shower head is a good combination of pressure and coverage while 12 inches will provide a more than amazing showering experience with more coverage. Both are good for overhead or wall mount, but the 12 inches variety is better for overhead fixtures. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you should choose one. 
  • Multi-function or Single FunctionWell, multi-function shower heads are becoming popular when it comes to twin shower system. You can adjust the settings but then it is wise to have it wall mounted because ceiling mounting will require climbing up ladders every time trying to adjust. 

Now, that you have all the information at hand, it is only a matter of time before you search for buying and installing a twin shower system. Go ahead and enjoy a wholesome showering experience with lots of love.