Cheap Freestanding Bathtubs

How Do You Install A Freestanding Bathtub?

In today’s world, most people are so much into interior décor for their homes; everyone wants their homes to look great. This includes the bathrooms too. Before you begin installing Cheap Freestanding Bath tubs, you need to have the requirements. You also need to have the proper knowledge of bathtubs to install it effectively.

Ensure that the place where you are installing the bathtub is very well leveled. Check on how best the freestanding tub will be placed, clean the floor, and many more other things. This will ensure that you do not keep on making mistakes during installation. 

Adding a freestanding bathtub will make your bathroom more luxurious. It will even look more fascinating if the installation is done right. Let your dream of owning a freestanding tub come true.

Bathtubs come in many ways that are modern, chic, streamlined, or even the traditional ones. No matter the one you choose, it will look great in your bathroom. It is solely your choice depending on your personality, and as they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. There are a lot of cheap tubs on the market.

If you are looking into remodeling your bathroom or looking forward to building one, installing a freestanding bathtub would be a great move. For this, you could hire a plumber to do it for you, or you can relatively install the bathtubs on your own. It is for sure that at some point, you might need a plumber to fix a drainage system to where it is supposed to be. This is because the drainage system should be installed according to the local plumbing codes. Therefore, you should look for a licensed plumber who knows the various codes in the area.

Do you want to install a bathtub, and you are wondering how to do the installation? Do you know some of the materials that are vital for this process? Do not worry as you are in the right place. Before getting into the steps that you are supposed to use, below are some of the materials you might require.

Materials required for the installation of a freestanding bathtub:

Cleaning supplies that will help you when it comes to cleaning the area where the bathtub will be. This will also be important after the installation process.

  1. Freestanding bathtub. Of course, this is what you are installing, and so it should be there.
  2. EZ Drop-in-drain
  3. Level
  4. Cardboard
  5. Silicone
  6. Adhesive
  7. Caulk
  8. Pipe pieces
  9. Protective blanket
  10. Plumber’s putty
  11. Drain body

There are the materials you should have during the installation process. Now, here are the steps you should follow after ensuring that you have all the right materials in place. Ensure that you double-check the materials so that you do not miss out on anything. 

Level the floor 

This should be the first step during the installation. Ensure that the floor where you are placing the bathtubs is levelled. You do not want your bathtub to be swaying around or slipping off each time you are using it. It should be straight, not tilted to the side. For this, you can use a spirit level. Check the top edge of the bathtub to ensure that it is properly levelled. If it is not, use the levelling feet to adjust. 

Determine the placement 

You might have already had an idea of the exact location as to where you are going to install your bathtub, but ideally might not be the best place. This is now the last time for you to finalize this decision. This bathtub can be placed anywhere in the room that seems perfect. It can be placed in a corner, or against a wall, in the centre of the room, among other places. This choice is best for any place that you might see perfectly. If you are not sure of the location you have chosen, you can always liaise with the plumber or someone else to give their views on the place.

Prepare the drainage system 

This step might not be necessary if you are placing the tub already on existing bathtubs. However, if not, this step is essential and crucial. If the floor is made up of wood subfloor, trace the outline of the tub. This will give you an insight into what you are working with so that you do not get confused at some point. This will also help you get the right spot for the drainage system. You then measure and cut a hole that will fit the drop in drain properly. The hole should also be able to accommodate the plumbing trap adequately. The drop in drain should fit in properly then attached to the floor. After this process, a protective layer is then put. This is to cover the hole. Smoothen the flooring according to the way you want it. Make a big hole that will expose the exact location of the drainage hole. This process is also similar to concrete floors. The only difference with concrete floors is that you will cut out a channel in the concrete to have a plumbing trap hole and the drain. After fitting them properly, fill in back the concrete, finish and cut a circular hole that will expose the location of the hole cut.

Floor cleaning

Also, you must clean the place beneath the bathtubs. This will remove all the dirt that may have accumulated during the process. Clear off all the dirt so that you get a clean working area. You might even clean the whole bathroom area. 

Use a protective blanket in place you want to put your tub

Keep in mind that bathtubs come in various sizes and shapes. The sole purpose of the blanket is to protect the sides of the freestanding bathtub from any scratches that may occur due to the lifting. The size of the blanket placed should be equivalent to the size of the tub. It is, therefore, important that you measure what size of the blanket before using it so that there are no inconveniences. Note that the tub should be carried facing downwards and not upwards. Do not lift the bathtub using the panels. Always ensure that you have an extra hand when carrying the tub, do not drag it, nor push it.

Place the tub 

The tub comes with a drain kit, so you do not have to worry about where to get the drain kit. Ensure that you double-check the nut to be sure that it has not come loose. Also, ensure that the drain and waste location line up correctly with the hole on the floor. Then place the tub on the blanket. During this process, you can use cardboard for more support.

Clean the drain hole

Keep in mind that you have already cleaned the bathroom, and everything is clean. Similarly, ensure that the drain hole is clean as well. Therefore, you are required to clean it properly. After cleaning, let it dry completely, after which you will put silicone around the drain body to the drain hole. When it comes to cleaning the bathtub, ensure that you follow the right steps to clean so that you do not interfere with some of the installations. 

Prepare the drain tailpiece

The freestanding tub has a pre-installed pop-up drain. The tailpiece is usually attached to the bottom of the tub. Then using a screw, insert the nut into the tube. For this process, you can use a lubricant on the rubber seal of the drain.

Prepare the base 

Around the base of the tub, you should add caulking. Put it all around the edges of the bathtub.

Place the tub in place 

Carefully and slowly, place the freestanding tub into position. Ensure that it fits the drainage system and the holes made on the floor so that nothing is out of place. Caulk the bottom edge where the tub touches the floor. If there is any excess caulk, use a cloth to clean it off. 

There you have it, your bathtub has already been installed, and the steps could not have been more straightforward, right? Now that you have the tub already installed, clean the work area so that the bathroom and tub remain clean. Also, put away the working tools. Sit, relax, to enjoy the work of your hands.

It is tempting to want to fill it up right away and jump right in. However, you should give it time to dry. The recommended time is 24hours so that it completely dries off. After the 24hrs, you get the chance to test whether the drainage is working correctly and that nothing is out of place.

When it is completely dry, you can customize your bathroom and beautify it to what you want. The 24hours is not much, and they will soon expire. Remember, you can get tubs anywhere at a cheap price. After installing it, you can now enjoy taking your bath.