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How to Design a Stylish Bathroom [A Complete Guide]

Planning to get your dream bathroom? Have you planned anything for it? How are you going to design it? Innumerable questions might be crossing your mind and you might be trying to know the basics, just to get everything right in the first time itself. This blog will give you some tips and advice on how to plan a bathroom. It covers everything from the planned layout to the style of your bathroom.

Those who are not confident about designing their bathroom layout on their own can visit a nearby bathroom showroom which offers them a design service. Some companies offer design services along with installing a whole new bathroom. Let’s give some details on how to design your bathroom for those who themselves discover the essentials of getting their bathroom right. 

What’s the need for planning? 

Planning is the key to design a bathroom very satisfactorily. The bathroom is the second most frequently visited place of the home, after the kitchen. To cope up with so many users in a day, a bathroom has to be hygienic along with dealing with humidity and splashes of water. It shouldn’t become slippery or should not look worn out. Traditionally, the bathroom was assumed to be merely a functional space but now, we like to design a bathroom so that it is more than just being a functional one. 

Although there are many demands are requirements for a bathroom, but it is quite easy to achieve great bathroom design. One must ensure that the best bathroom vanity units are installed and not just the flooring & tiles designs are emphasized. 

Working out on the bathroom space 

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While designing a bathroom, you must know exactly how much space you would be working on. You can take help from a bathroom designer to sort this out. Planning this out will help you get an idea about where the essentials will be placed like the shower screens and the bath, or the position of the basin and the toilet. Also, make a note of the entry door as well as the windows. Thorough planning turns even the smaller bathrooms into a practical and restful place. You may look for the best shower screens in Sydney which fit best for your bathroom. 

  • The bathroom styles 

Bathroom designing includes the style you would prefer. It depends on whether you want a modern look or a traditional one. The fittings of the classic look will be apt for a traditional look of the bathroom. Bathrooms with angular or curvaceous appearance are the modern bathrooms. 

  • Basin designs 

One must pick top bathroom basin designs for their bathroom while designing it. You can choose amongst the console basins, pedestal basins, inset basins, and wall-mounted basins. 

  • Bathroom storage 

To avoid the cluttering of bathroom surfaces, great bathroom storage is essential in the process of bathroom designing. Fitted bathroom storage can provide space for the essentials. Bathroom vanity units comprise a cupboard and the basin in one to allow space-efficient bathroom. 

Apart from these, the best bathroom window dressing, bathroom wall tiles, and the best flooring will further enhance the beauty of your bathroom.