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How To Choose The Right Shower Mixer Taps?

Shower mixer taps can change the look of the bathroom but, it is not simple to choose the perfect taps. You need to check which one can go well with your bath and bathroom style. Many homeowners give priority to shower, toilet and overall decor of the bathroom. However, they tend to ignore checking the minor details such as taps. Even these can add up to the look of your bathroom. For this reason, several vendors offering bathroom supplies in Sydney have mentioned certain key points to look for while choosing the shower mixer taps. 


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Let us look at how to choose the best bathroom supplies

  • Look for the style

For enhancing the looks of your bathroom, the taps must be stylish which can create a better impact. In case you do not want to renovate the whole bathroom, it is better to get an old shower mixer tap, replaced. There are wide varieties of taps available in the market. The vendors for bathroom supplies Sydney have traditional and contemporary options. Baths having ornate mixer taps are an all-time favourite in this and they never go outdated. They have cross head handles and ceramic inserts. 

If you want modern features like touch-sensitive operations or geometric styling, you must choose contemporary taps. 

  • The finish of the shower mixer taps

There are different options to choose from like one with gold or nickel plating. Another type which you can find is brass with a chrome finish as these are resistant to corrosion. You can consult several bodies offering bathroom supplies in Sydney who can help you in matching the right finish with your other bathroom fittings. It can bring more balance to your bathroom. This includes matching your taps with the toilet roll holder. For rustic bathrooms, you can go with oil-rubbed bronze finish taps. Nickel finish taps are highly durable but, a bit expensive. 

  • Check the water pressure

Shower mixer taps should provide decent water flow. Hence, they should match it well with the water pressure in the home. There is medium to high pressure in the case of a combination boiler system. On the other hand, a gravity-fed system has low pressure. Thus, you need to choose high-pressure shower mixer taps with a low-pressure system and vice versa. Wall-mounted taps can work well in a high-water pressure system. You can choose pillar taps if the system is having low pressure. But a low-pressure system will take more time to fill your bath. 

Hence, check with the suppliers of bathroom supplies in Sydney for the right kind of tap so that you do not have to wait long for water to get filled. 

  • Size does matter

You can find shower mixer taps of different sizes. In large and spacious bathrooms, small taps would be a complete mismatch. The same would happen if you are placing a huge tap in a small bathtub. Hence, choose the size wisely.

The vendors for bathroom supplies in Sydney believes that the wrong selection of bath taps may lead to immediate changes. Thus, the bottom line is to get proper taps that can complement your bathroom and can create a great impression on your guests.