puppy day care services in Sydney

Why Your Puppy Needs Daycare

Puppies are cute baby faced angels who make your heart melt. Leaving them behind, when you go to work, is sad. Imagine them sulking at home all day, doing nothing but making a mess. It is like leaving a child, motherless. And when you come back home, you look at the mess they have made. You have to deal with the unnecessary headache of cleaning it up. Nobody wants to go home to a doggy related mess; that’s why puppy daycare is the best option in Sydney. Here are the reasons why your puppy needs daycare 


A sad pup, rolling on its back, looking at the ceiling and barking at a low pitch. That’s a sorry sight. You will feel bad for keeping a puppy who you can’t raise properly. Puppy daycare is a place where you can leave your puppy while you are at work. There will be a dog sitter who will look after your dog throughout the day. Sometimes a daycare will have more than one dog to look after. That’s great because your puppy will have canine as we as human company. 


Heaven forbid, there is a case of fire at your home or a robbery; in such cases, your pup will be all alone. It will be scared to death. In cases of emergencies, it is always better to have your puppy away from home, safe, and sound at the daycare. 

 When you leave your dog at puppy daycare, you must leave your phone number and contact details. So, when your pup needs you, the daycare can contact you in case of health emergencies. 

No headache

A puppy when home will create a lot of mess. Imagine a puppy alone; it is a recipe for disaster. There will be a mess everywhere, from torn newspapers to broken lamps. To keep the mess in check, you can leave your pet at a place where they can’t wreak havoc. 

 You can pick up your pets on your way back from work and return to a clean home. Moreover, there won’t be any need for extra cleaning. So, that saves you much effort. Because of this, more and more people are using daycare options for their pets in Sydney.


There are a few things you must always pack when sending your pup to daycare. A puppy must always have – the share of dog food,  leash, and toys. It is vital that you must always provide contact details in case of emergencies. Other than these, your pups need something more than food to get them through the day. They must have their pee pads with them for potty training, chew toys to sooth their guns, and crate for sleeping and exercise. You must pack some treats to be used as rewards or snacks. 

A puppy daycare can be a person/dog sitter or a home in Sydney. You can leave your pup in the hands of someone you trust. It will just be like leaving your kid at school. This will teach the dog, doggy etiquette, and also human interaction.