Different Available Industrial Carpet Cleaning Equipment’s In The Market

Now you can take care of all your Carpet Cleaning requirements quickly and with ease. With all the Industrial Carpet Cleaning Equipment that are currently available, you can keep all your carpet cleaning worries at bay.

Many manufacturers in Australia are serving to your need for these high-end Industrial Carpet Cleaning Equipment.

These types of equipment are available for all kinds of needs, big or small. But here’s a list of the few categories of these machines that are now in extensive use and demand:

  • Carpet Extractors:

Carpet Extractors are carpet cleaners that extract anything and everything from the carpet. They are mighty and are hence capable of extracting everything from the carpet. Whether it is fine dust particles or visible debris or even water and solutions.

  • Truck Mounts:

You can mount these cleaning units on the floor of a van or a trailer. The operator then parks the van or the trailer near your home/office premises. He then connects the vacuum hose and solution hose to the unit. And finally attaches a carpet cleaning wand at the end of the hoses.

  • Carpet Cleaning Wands & Stair Tools

These are the cleaning ends of the vacuum hose and the solution hose. These wands help in spraying the solution on the carpet. The solution makes the dirt and debris easy to remove. And the vacuum hose extracts all the dirt leaving the carpets clean. To clean the stairs, your janitor can make use of a Stair Tool; a carpet cleaning wand for your stairs.

  • Hoses & Accessories:

Hoses are either Vacuum Hose or Solution Hose. These hoses carry the solution to the carpet and also suck and extract the dirt back to the extractor. Apart from hoses, accessories such as connectors, couplers, and cuffs to connect hoses as per your needs are also available. You also get hose reels, among other things as accessories.

  • Encapsulation and Counter Rotating Brush (CRB):

This is a high speed, heavy-duty Industrial Carpet Cleaning Equipment. Encapsulation solutions emulsify stubborn dirt and soil trapped in the carpet fibres. Once emulsified and broken down, the dirt and the soil gets easy to remove. And the CRB then does its job of cleaning the carpet. Some CRB’s claim a high speed of cleaning up to 4000 sq. Ft area in an hour.

  • Rotary Extractors:

Next, in line with these highly efficient products are Rotary Extractors. The cleaning head of this equipment moves in a counter-rotating fashion. So the dirt and soil in the carpet fibres break down with ease. The extractor then does its job of extracting all the dirt. Thus giving a better cleaning experience and consistent results.

  • Air Movers:

The cleaning process of carpets often leaves them wet. Leaving the carpets on their own for drying, it may take a long time. And hence it becomes inevitable to dry the carpets and make them ready for use. The air movers come to your rescue to make sure the carpets are dry and ready in the shortest possible time.