Different Types Of Garage Doors Which Are Elegant And Efficient

It is very important to have an efficient garage door so that you can safely and conveniently park your car in your garage. There are several different types of garage doors that are available in the market. You can install the sectional, up-and-over canopy, tilt-up or up-and-over, tilt-up and up-and-over retractable garage doors or opt for garage roller door installation, sometimes along with a b&d garage door opener to make the doors automatic.

Here are six different types of garage doors to choose from:

Sectional type

These doors are broken into panel sections. The hinges connecting each section allow the panel to bend and move over a curved part of the vertical track present on both sides of the concerned garage door. When completely closed, the door is linear to the wall and when open, it is parallel to the ceiling. There are two high-pressure springs located above the garage opening which are connected to the cables operating the door. This mechanism prevents the door from moving downwards when only partly open.

Slide-to-Side type

These doors bend to either the left or right side and run in a direction corresponding to the adjacent wall. This type is great for any garage having small headroom and is one of the earliest garage door styles. This kind of garage door moves using trolleys which can work even with floors or ceilings with a slight slope. Automatic slide-to-the-side or around-the-corner doors consist of a retractable built-in motor and not an operator mounted on the ceiling.

Side-Hinged type

Side-hinged or swing out garage doors are old-fashioned classic style doors that look like huge barn doors, with hinges present on the sides of the door (hence the name). From this hinged frame, the doors swing open. The hinges can swing inwards or outwards depending upon your customized choice. These doors are ideal for garages that have obstructed spaces and where the headroom is less. Sometimes side-hinged doors come with steel mounts or sometimes frames are constructed to properly fit into openings already present. These are available in wood or steel.

Tilt-Up Canopy type

These are not divided into any section and are made up of a single solid piece. It has a pivoted hinge mechanism that lifts the door up so that it can slide back into a position parallel to the ceiling. It stays parallel to the ceiling of the garage and runs past the facade of the apartment.

Tilt-Up Retractable type

The door hangs self-sufficiently from the mounts; therefore, the retractable type occupies more space than the canopy type but does not extend past the facade of the apartment. Compared to other styles, this is more expensive and less user-friendly.

Roll-Up type

Roller doors are made with a steel curtain with 2” to 3” steel slat sections that roll around a drum and roll upwards at the top of the opening of the garage door. These are suited for garages with small ceiling space. Roll-up type doors can withstand heavy usage and are mostly used for commercial purposes and have higher initial costs. For automatic garage roller door installation, a b&d garage door opener is used.