Everything You Need To Know About Garden Fountains In Sydney

A garden fountain can be a great asset to your home. It adds value to the boring outdoor area. Garden fountains in Sydney enhances the look of your garden. If you’re considering to install a fountain in your backyard, you have to first educate yourself about different types of garden fountains available out there. This guide explains the major types of garden fountains and their distinctive features. Additionally, you will also learn about the differences between each fountain type.

So, please continue reading and find out some important details you should know about garden fountains:

Cast stone garden fountains:

Cast stone has been one of the prominent materials being used for decorative constructions. They possess high durability, as they’re very strong in composition. These garden fountains are manufactures with cement mixture which contains high-quality coarse and fine aggregates. This makes the construction look natural. You can also add pigments to this fountain type. People buy these cast stone garden fountains Sydney for their longevity and beautiful looks. Moreover, they are also very easy to clean and maintain.

GFRC garden fountains:

Glass fibre reinforced concrete fountains are the most durable of all. These are constructed with high-quality fibre, glass, and concrete mixtures. Not only they are very strong, but they also are very beautiful and appealing. Cleaning GFRC garden fountains is also very easy. But, they are a bit expensive. So, if you don’t mind spending a little extra, these fountains are the best when it comes to longevity.

Polystone garden fountains:

If you’re looking for versatility, you might have to consider buying a polystone garden fountain. These fountains are also 80% lighter than the other fountain types. But, they are highly durable despite their lightweight nature. Moreover, they’re also very inexpensive when compared to their counterparts. Polystone garden fountains Sydney are also good for customization, as you can get them made to look like pretty much anything.

Fibreglass garden fountains:

If you’re looking to buy the lightest garden fountain, fibreglass fountain is the way to go. These fountains are easily manageable. They’re also very easy to install and assemble. But, fibreglass fountains are not as durable as the previous ones. But, these fountains are very cheap. So, if you’re on a tight budget, buying a fibreglass garden fountain is a fairly better idea.

Copper garden fountains:

If elegance and class are what you look for, in a garden fountain, then you might want to buy a copper garden fountain. The patinas that come with a copper fountain are really beautiful. But, they are very expensive. Copper fountains are also not very common. So, buying one can be a hassle sometimes. Moreover, they’re a bit difficult to maintain, as you need to be very cautious while cleaning them.

Granite garden fountains:

For someone who’s looking to buy a garden fountain that looks quite natural, granite garden fountains Sydney is the way to go. Along with its natural look, granite fountain is also available in different colours and patterns. But, they’re a bit expensive to buy. So, if you don’t worry about money, you can purchase granite fountains for natural beauty.