Commercial Ice Machine – Icing Made Easy

The importance of ice, especially in the summer cannot be over emphasized as most businesses need to keep their products fresh.  The purpose is to maintain a certain degree of coldness for products. This is made possible by the commercial ice machine that is produced today.

Types of Icing Machines

The type of icing machine is dependant on the size and need of the business. These icing machines are categorized into four basic classes. These include modular or head machine, under-counter, countertop ice-dispenser/ makers and combination ice/water machines. The modular or ice head is an ice making machine that produces a large amount of ice. This machine should also be used with a separate unit that has the ability to store as well as dispense the ice. However, this machine is available in 22″, 30″ and 48″ widths which are designed to sit on top of the machine bin as well as supply ice to the ice dispenser.

The under-counter type is designed in such a way that the small ice makers are combined with the machine and a storage bin. This is usually used in small bars, cafes or businesses which do not require much ice.  While the countertop ice dispenser usually has a small ice storage bin which can produce up to 400 lbs of ice in a day. Thereby making it a great commercial ice machine and are often used in health care centers as it has the ability to also dispense water.

The last on the list is the combination ice/water machine which has the ability to dispense both water and ice.  This makes it a great package for cafeterias and health care centers. It also has the ability to produce about 500 lbs of ice in a day.

Quality Ice Machines Sydney

The quantity of ice produced by different machines will certainly go a long way in making the choice as to what it is most likely needed for. Many cities, for example, ice machines in Sydney has many specified uses. Some produce ice cubes that melt slower than others, some are easier to chew while some produce varying shapes to accommodate specific applications. Because this cube melts slower, it is widely used commercially.

The nugget ice, which can also be referred to as the “chewable” ice is most common in the healthcare facilities. Because it is slowly melting but also softer and easier to chew than cubed ice. The third type of ice cube is the flake ice, mostly seen in ice displays for chilled meats or salads.  The flake machines can make small, soft flakes of ice, which cools rapidly and mold to any shape. Additionally, they are softer and easier to chew than cubed ice.

The art of making ice cubes is one of the modern ways of keeping our food and products fresh. Foods are preserved/frozen until we are ready to consume it. One such provider is the ice machines in Sydney city which has all types of machines used in ice making.