How Often Should Solar Panels Be Checked For Any Issues

Many homeowners show greater interest and importance when purchasing a solar panel before installation. However, they turn as a blind eye once they get it fixed on their roofs. Although solar panels in Dubai requires very less maintenance since there are no moving parts yet it has to be inspected for dirt and debris in order to get better efficiency and have an enduring lifespan.

The solar panel often gets dirty because of the dust and road grime, salt spray and bird or bat droppings. When you expect your solar panel system to provide the best performance without any obstruction, you need to do general cleaning. Usually these panels are wonderful with proper maintenance, however, layers of dust and dirt can affect their performance. And especially when there are bigger spots and obstruction factor, then it can have a greater impact.

There are a few important things you need to check in your solar panel system periodically. They are

  • Watch for Dust and Debris Buildup – It is essential to create a maintenance schedule when you want to enhance potential yields of energy from the solar panels and to keep them from soiling. Generally, power loss due to soiling is approximately 2% – 5% annually. A dust layer of 4 grams per square meter decreases solar power conversion.

Although you cannot prevent them from getting dirty yet with proper cleaning and maintaining, you can improve the performance of the system. Solar panels are pretty expensive affairs and the solar panel cost in Dubai are much higher. The price typically ranges between $7-$9 per watt, and it roughly requires $25,000- $35,000 for general households. Since you are investing so much money on their installation, you must not put them at risk.

  • Check for the corrosion levels– Due to climatic changes and especially during rainy weather conditions, the rainwater when it comes to contact with the salt present in the air turns as a slightly acidic solution. These solutions can cause rusting or corrosion on the solar panel surface on a faster pace.

This is often determined by Salt Mist Corrosion Test (an accelerated corrosion test procedure used for testing of Solar Photovoltaic modules that creates an eroding impact to coated samples to determine the suitability of coating). People have a common perception that corrosion as rust on cars or oxidation that blackens silver, however, it has the potential even to affect sensitive electronics and connections in solar panels, reducing the volume of energy produced. Hence it is important to examine potential corrosion

Check for broken glass– Although when the tempered glass is broken, the panel can work fine yet the broken glass will put your system at risk and turns out be costly maintenance because of the higher solar panel price in Dubai.