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How Much Does An Office Fit Out Cost Per Square Metre?

Costs per square meter to fit an office are often used as a guide, but prices vary. An office fit-out is a big project usually involving space planning, installing meeting rooms, breakout areas, partitioning, IT equipment, lighting, branding, and office furniture. The size of the project can vary a lot. Before giving you a quote, office fit-out companies will need to come to your office and meet with you to find out what you need.

Want to know how much it costs to set up an office? How much does it cost per square meter to fit out an office? There is no simple solution. Your office fit-out cost will depend on a lot of different things. Quotes let you compare prices, but what do they mean? What do you want? Which one is better? The best way to prepare for your next office fit out in Sydney is to know how to read and understand them.

What affects the cost of setting up an office?

Office Fit out Company

The cost of your project will depend on which office fit-out company you choose. Office fit-out professionals have very low prices for office fit-outs in Sydney because we handle everything from start to finish. We also give our clients free concept drawings so they can better understand their project, which is something that not many other companies do.

Office Space

Of course, the office will cost more if it is bigger. However, most office fit outs work on the principle of economies of scale, which means that the bigger the office, the less it will cost per square meter.

Structural Changes

Most people think the new office design, such as paint, flooring, and other cosmetic or decorative parts, will cost the most for office fit-outs. Building a building’s physical and architectural structure will cost the most. This is because structural changes are usually more challenging and require more time and materials.

Let us say you are still planning and looking for a building to move into. In this case, it is crucial to think about the architecture of the building, such as where the walls are and what fixtures are already there. This will help you save money on building or construction costs.

Amenities and Features

The cost of office fit-out will go up the more features and amenities your office has. There is nothing new there. Before beginning your project, you should figure out what you need and want. This is the best way to save money when doing a fit-out.

The Specification 

In the end, the requirements of the company moving into the new space significantly impact how much it costs to fit out an office. Some companies want very high-end finishes, fixtures, and furniture, while others may only need the basics.

What You Have To Work With 

How much your office fit-out will cost will depend greatly on the space you have to work with at the start. For example, your commercial office fit-out cost will be much lower if you do not need a new floor or have to pay for permits and the like.

Spending more on the flooring in your office fit out in Sydney will last longer. This will help the environment and save you money because you will only have to do it once. Polished concrete is an excellent option if your office’s style allows it. It is also very durable.