Rubber Expansion Bellows – All You Need to Know

Safety and performance are what people look for these days. And the demand for these two features has been increasing with each day. The rubber expansion bellows are used mainly to absorb thermal movements and noise.

It also removes vibration from the equipment like water pumps, chillers, condensers, diesel engines etc. These bellows are very flexible and hence are suitable for correcting the small misalignments of certain installations.

Users can use these rubber expansion bellows similar to the metal expansion joints. Like the metal joints, they can also compensate various movements like angular, axial or angular.

Features of rubber expansion bellows

These bellows have some very useful features. As already mentioned they absorb noise and thermal movements. The rubber bellows can absorb the vibration of certain equipment. Thus, they ease up the irritation that is often caused by the sound of certain types of equipment at home or workplace.

They extend under pressure and their pressure thrust changes with length. Thus it reduces the stress hence the machinery works better and lasts longer. Also, these bellows have a long life, are safe, and their performance is excellent. But you must always buy from the authentic expansion bellows suppliers manufactured by the best expansion bellows manufacturers.

Usage of rubber bellows

You can use these rubber expansion bellows in the heating and ventilating systems of your Air Conditioner. It can also be used in the process piping systems of Petrochemical, chemical and other similar industries. Power generating plants, steel mills, and marine systems are other industries where these bellows are used.

Pollution and sewage control systems of water and wastewater department along with pulp and paper systems haven’t remained untouched by the rubber bellows. Use of rubber bellows has eased up the working environment of these industries. It has also prolonged the life of the equipment by reducing wear and tear caused by noise and vibration.

Things to keep in mind

You can’t just buy any rubber expansion bellow for any machinery or equipment. To have them working efficiently, you must have the right bellow and it must be installed correctly. It’s designed must meet the specific needs of the equipment in question. They should be forged to be able to handle a certain temperature and must be able to handle certain materials.

There are many expansion bellows manufacturers in India. But you must always buy the bellow from a known expansion bellows manufacturer and from your trusted expansion bellows suppliers to make sure you get the authentic product. These bellows must be properly tested to ensure its quality, safety and durability.

Almost all the manufacturers offer a variety of rubber bellows, so you can always pick the one that is suitable for your equipment. A reliable manufacturer will provide you with a product that will function flawlessly. A right bellow can also add to the life of your equipment, saving a lot of money, especially in the maintenance of the equipment. And for that picking the right type of bellow for your machinery and equipment becomes imperative.