Overview Of Different Styles Of Tattoos

“Show me a man with a tattoo, and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past.” ― Jack London

True! For the tattoo lovers, these are like the timeline of their life. These are the symbolic representation of the stories, moments, or the likes of an individual. The tattoos symbolize an individual and are always unique and personal. Some of the tattoos across the globe are to beautify an individual while the others represent their tribe or clan. Hence, the significance of tattoos varies accordingly.

With time, the concept of tattoo has changed considerably. Like the various art form, tattoos, too, come in different forms. According to the professional tattoo artist in Mumbai, the people who are being inked prefer those art forms that would signify them. Over the years, this industry has transformed considerably based on the taste and the requirement.

The following are some of the popular tattoo styles that are making a significant impact on the people—




It is considered as the modern tattoo styling. This does not have any real structure or outline and deviates a little away from the traditional representation of the figurine, the face of animals, people, or anything that is present around us. The tattoo maker in Mumbai believes this form to be the artist’s creative side. The designs are fun to look, but there is always a hidden meaning behind them. This tattoo type is always going to be an excellent choice.




It is another form of tattoo style, which uses different letters in a unique pattern. These can be read with different viewpoints. This form of the tattoo was once the favourite for many. However, the essence of this tattoo still lies in modern days. The best tattoo shop in Mumbai still has the facilities and caters to their clients coming with the demand. Ambigram tattoo style looks elegant and is more on a bright part as the tattoo artists are also putting in their creativity during the creation.




The tattoos are the ways to show the perception of the world changing. It goes perfectly good to the people who have many tattoos and want to add a layer of artwork over the skin that has already turned into an art canvas. The professional tattoo artist in Mumbai helps you discover the blast over the existing style.




The intricate curves and the cool knots are the sign of a Celtic tattoo style. It is the artwork of the interlocking and interwoven knots. The professionals carve out the artwork with the face of the animal. It is by far the popular tattoo.




This style will take a person to the early Egyptian age where the dead person was inked. The professionals in this sector often witness people coming with a figurine in order to suggest what exactly the need is.


There are other tattoo styles as well. Being an artwork, there is a huge diversity. It is all about the creativity of professional artists. The tattoo parlours in Mumbai price the artwork in terms of how well they are able to encrypt the design on the skin. With time, there will be more variants that would be compelling and push one person into the likeness of another person’s skin.