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Various Advantages Of Timber Flooring

Flooring is one of the most important parts of renovation or your home. Well painted decorated walls look bleak with a bad flooring idea. Flooring that complements the rest of the look of the room is a crucial part of interior designing. There are many options for flooring such as laminate, marble, granite, ceramic and timber. Solid timber flooring is very durable and looks elegant. Timber flooring is pretty prevalent in Australia. You will get to see a lot of timber flooring in Penrith. 

There are several reasons why timber flooring is recommended by architects and interior decorators when you choose your flooring:

Appearance: The first and foremost reason is the appearance of timber flooring. It gives an elegant and aesthetic look to any room that only seems to get better with time. The warm vibes that the timber flooring creates in the room make it more relevant. No wonder timber flooring in Penrith is so widely used.

Durability: Timber flooring in Penrith and in other places are very durable. A quality timber floor can last up to hundred years. Even if there is heavy foot traffic, still timber floors last for many years. It is water resistant and has the best acoustic as it does not make any hollow sound.

Easy maintenance: Another great advantage of timber flooring is that it is easy to clean. Hence daily maintenance of timber flooring is not a hassle. As timber flooring does not accumulate dust and debris easily and hence just sweeping can clean it.

Increases property value: Timber flooring may initially seem pretty expensive but they can increase the end value of your property. This is mainly because timber flooring does not look worn out even after years of use. Also, timber flooring increases the overall aesthetic look of your house.

Cleaning timber floor

Timber is very easy to clean and does not require much maintenance hassle. Timber flooring in Penrith and in any other places does not require much maintenance problems. All you need is a mop, bucket, water, soap and dry cloth to clean your timber flooring.

  • Here are the steps to clean the bathroom:
  • Clear the floor: before cleaning the floor, clear the area of all the furniture that is easy to move. It is always more convenient to clean a space that is cleared of all furniture. You can invest in furniture pads so that the floor does not get scuffed.
  • Dry-mop the floor: to remove all debris and dust from the floor, use a dry mop to remove all debris with the help of a dry mop or vacuum cleaner.
  • Mop the floor: mix some liquid soap in a bucket of water and wet the mop. Rinse and squeeze out the extra water from the mop and then run the mop back and forth along the grain of the wood. 
  • Buff the floor: use a dry cloth and rub the floor in a circular motion to remove the water grains from the Timber flooring in Penrith.

These are some of the steps you can follow to maintain timber flooring for long years.