All You Need to Know about Pressure switches.

What are pressure switches?

Do they have any particular specifications?

Can they be used for different purposes?

To begin with, let us gather an understanding about the aspect of pressure switches. A power switch is nothing but a type of switch which is enclosed within a circuit, as it closes the electrical contact when fluid pressure reaches to its input. This opening and closing at certain pressure is referred to as set point.

Such switches are widely used in industries that require automatic supervision and control systems for the pressurized fluids. The suco pressure switch distributor makes sure that the switches distributed contains a proper operating range of pressure to ensure their accuracy and longevity. But majorly the features like the pressure band depends on the type of pressure switches.

Types of Pressure Switches:

Diaphragm switches: these include a weld sealed metallic diaphragm for the activation of the switch. The suco agent gccdistributes such switches which are having an operating pressure of 150 psi and an accuracy of 0.5%.

Bourdon Tube Switches: the suco pressure switches distributors relatively focuses on the sale of such switches. These are the switches that include the weld sealed bourdon kind of tube for the actuation of the switch. It usually exerts pressure which ranges between 80 to 18,000 psi with 0.5% accuracy.

Diaphragm piston switches: such switches are equipped with the elastomeric diaphragm, as they usually acts as a piston. This piston is used to actuate the switch. The operating pressure of switches ranges from vacuum to 1600 psi with an accuracy of 0.2%.

Piston Switches: this kind of switches directly employ the piston to activate the switch. Suco agent ksause such kind of switches. These have an operating pressure of 12,000 psi with an accuracy that ranges to 0.2%.

Differential pressure switches:these can be categorized as a diaphragm, metallic or elastomeric switches. Such switches used by suco agent gcc contain two pressure ports. One is for high pressure, and the other for low pressure. They have sensors which are used to detect the pressure between the sources, which then activates the switch.

Applications of pressure switches:

The pressure has a variety of applications. Due to this, they are used in various industries. They are extensively being used for the control of equipment in industries which involves the use of:

press machines

plastic molding injection

welding machines

The hydraulic and the pneumatic pressure switches are also used in a wide range. These switches are used to control the air that is recycled in trucks and brake pressure in the trains. Apart from this, the pressure switches are often used in various automotive applications which include the motoring engine oil, transmission and the power steering.

There is even some medical equipment that uses such switches. The suco agent KSA distributes such switches for the oxygen delivery systems which use them to evaluate the pressure of the incoming gas.