The inspiration for your bathroom renovation

Renovating a bathroom is one of the activities most people postpone. However, if you stick to some basic rules, or hire a bathroom renovations Woollahra‌ ‌professional service, you can get the best out of what your bathroom offers. As always, we recommend taking into account your personal style but always pay attention to the dimensions, conditions and, of course, the style of the rest of the house to ensure that the bathroom fits the overall spirit of the place.

Once you make a decision about the overall style, the decisions regarding the wall and floor will probably come naturally. Then, you should pick the shower or bathtub. Here are some inspirational ideas for your effortless bathroom renovations Woollahra.

What color will dominate in your bathroom?

Before you make an irrational decision about the colors of your walls and tiles, you should concentrate on the colors of the existing larger elements in your bathroom that you do not want to change.

Don’t forget that the color you choose will affect the entire ambiance and space energy. The white color is always the most popular choice because it is easy to combine with all the other colors. In this way, you can create a variety of effects in a number of combinations.

The combination of white with blue color creates a “relaxing” effect and resembles the seaside. Combining white and black can create a dramatic effect.

Furthermore, pay close attention to the quantity and angle of penetration of natural light in your bathroom, as this may be the decisive trigger for color and shade selection.

How to refresh the floors and walls?

Floor-to-ceiling tiles in the bathrooms have become very popular in the last decade. Furthermore, this type of wall cover is easy to maintain, unlike paint which has to be re-applied from time to time.

As for floor coverings, tiles are not the only option. Wood and concrete give the space a special charm. Furthermore, they are easy to maintain. Concrete is perfect for those who want a bath which reflects a modern, minimalist design, while wood is better for a more classical, warm, and rustic bathroom design.

When it comes to the walls, the tiles are also not the only option. There are many innovations in the market. There are even wallpaper types that can withstand moisture and damp conditions of the bathroom.

Bonus tips

When renovating or adapting the bathroom, most people first think of the budget. This is very understandable, as the whole design depends on how much you are willing to spend and the scope of the changes you want to make.

You must first identify whether you want to change the details, the bathroom furniture, or to renovate the whole bathroom. If you want a total renovation, hiring a professional service is a good idea.

However, if you want to make minor changes, you can consult a professional and choose the accessories and the furniture yourself. Don’t forget that even minor alterations can refresh the look and design of your bathroom.

Last, but not least, focus on lamps and illumination. It can greatly improve the atmosphere. Think of indirect or tinted lights to turn your bathroom into the oasis of peace and relaxation.