Customize cardboard boxes‌

4 Myths Busted On Printing Customized Boxes For Packaging

It is often seen that suppliers or manufacturers for cardboard boxes are in demand and simultaneously receive a lot of negative review about customized printing. People say that getting customized packaging material is a waste of money and doesn’t come up with good quality results because they aren’t aware of the reality. 

A few suppliers for custom-made boxes in Sydney‌ ‌in the quest to earn more money and popularity has put down the standards for some. While the rest are still flourishing and there are more and more permanent clients who intend to get their packaging material customized for a professional outlook and better customer satisfaction. 

While there are numerous myths afloat that need clarification, here are a few that may help you get a clear picture. 

You need to place bulk order at the beginning

It is often said that bulk orders mean that you have a flourishing business and that is the reason why you plan to make customized packaging boxes for your company. Well, what about those businesses who have just started and intend to leave a lasting impression on the customers’ minds with printed cardboard boxes? What if they do not have sales as that of large business and cannot invest in bulk orders for customized cardboard boxes? This is where most suppliers are cooperative while allowing clients to start small and thus not making it a mandatory affair to place bulk/large orders right at the beginning. 

The delivery time is often too long

If it is a bulk order and there are thousands of boxes that need to be customized according to your design, size, color, font, etc., the supplier would ask you for a certain amount of time. In most cases, they promise a delivery date at the time of placing the order, and they take all possible measures to keep up to their promise. The delivery is made on time and that you wouldn’t have to remind them for it. This happens because these suppliers need to maintain a good reputation and that any glitch here and there could result in the loss of a client especially when there is a cutthroat competition around.

Buying readymade boxes is cheaper

When you order customized boxes from suppliers, they take up orders that aren’t single or probably ten in number. There is a lot of them that needs to be customized and created, and that is the reason why the production costs are lower compared to the readymade ones. The suppliers who stock up on readymade boxes have limited stock, and you cannot often purchase them in bulk. While all of these happen, the customized boxes get to be the winner where you receive boxes of your choice in the number that you want and that too in a lesser price where there is no compromise in quality. 

Printing is costly

In present times, computerized printing allows work to become very simple. There is no need for designated plates or anything of that sort where machines do all the work without much of human intervention. Therefore, printing on the custom made cardboard boxes are not expensive anymore, and that is affordable for all.