Basic Ways To Troubleshoot A Commercial Refrigerator In Sydney

Thinking to approach technicians for commercial fridge repair in Sydney? One of the important appliances in the kitchen is the refrigerator. Sometimes the food kept in the refrigerator spoils because of the sudden breakdown of the refrigerator or sometimes it stops cooling. In this article let us discuss some of the common refrigerator problems and some easy ways to fix those issues.

Before calling for commercial fridge repair in Sydney, you can try to rectify the issue on your own. If your refrigerator suddenly stops working check the power connection of it. Plug the wire properly because sometimes while cleaning it would have become loose. Check whether the power switch of the refrigerator is on. Next, check whether there is any damage or fraying in the power cable. Power cord, wall outlet and plug. The power of the refrigerator will trip if there is any part of the refrigerator is broken or if there is any wiring issue. If all the above things are perfect then check the power outlet using non- contact voltage detector.

If you are using an extension cord for your commercial refrigerator then the manufacture will not validate your warranty period.

If your refrigerator light is not working do not get panic or tense because it is a very minor issue and you can easily replace the light of the refrigerator with a new one. Refrigerator lights are available in all hardware stores. Before purchasing the light check whether it fit your model. If you use different light for the refrigerator there are chances for short circuits. So before fixing read the manual carefully. If you are not aware of the light setting get help from the refrigerator service person. After replacing the refrigerators light use cover or diffuser. If you do not cover the light, the bulb may crack or explode.

There are many reasons for the leakage of the refrigerator. First, check whether the doors of the refrigerator is closed. Check the floor level if it is sloping or not straight then there are chances for leakage. If the refrigerator is in tilted condition then the water from the evaporator pan overflows. If the level of the fridge is correct, then the drip pan must be checked. If the drip pan is full empty it. If it is old or damaged then replace the drip pan. If the drip pan is getting full unusually then there will be some problem in the heater. If the fridge is placed in humid condition then the drip pan will overflow.

If the fridge is not getting cool then check the power connection of the fridge. The fridge will not cool properly if there is no proper ventilation around it. The room will become overheat if the fridge is installed in a small space or cupboards. For the proper working of condensers, you need proper ventilation. Use a thermometer to check the temperature of the fridge and reset the thermostat level if needed. The product kept inside the fridge must be evenly placed for the proper flow of air. The sealing of the fridge should be in proper condition. Check the door seals regularly and replace it if needed.