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Simplified Guide on How to Use a Brake Cleaner

While driving down the road, your car will always be subjected to dust as well as grim. Combining the debris with the dust from the brakes, high friction and collected old brake fluid, you will have a gunk recipe. This gunk sets up shop around your brakes, making it impossible for your brakes to do their job correctly. Besides, we all know their role is significant. Fixing this problem is easy, though, with a little brake cleaner.

Cleaning Your Brakes

Unlike other lengthy do-it-yourself projects, you may have done on your car, applying brake cleaner is a fast and easy process. You do not have to remove very many items to get to the brakes, and there is little to no preparation time required. 

When you have a brake clear, it is easy to find other tools you may need to use in your garage like the carby cleaner.

Here are the steps required for applying brake cleaner and the tools you will need to do the job.

  Make sure the car is in ‘park’ if it is an automatic and in gear if it is a stick shift.

  Apply the emergency brake.

  Place a concrete block or a brick on the opposite tire. (For instance, if you are taking off the left front tire, place a block behind the right-back tire.)

  Use a tire iron to loosen each wheel lug on the tire. You do not want to take them entirely off, loosen them.

  Place your jack under the car. Each car is different, so you will need to consult your owner’s manual if you are not sure where to place the jack under your vehicle.

  Continue raising the jack until the tire is completely off the ground.

eradicate the wheel lugs and store them close by. Make sure they are in a secure location, where they cannot roll under the car or get lost easily.

obliterate the tire.

carby cleaner

You should now be able to see the car’s braking system easily. Check the brakes for dirt and fluid buildup. If you see any, spray the brake cleaner on it to remove anything clogging up your brakes effectively. This excess has to go somewhere, so make sure to place a pan underneath the brakes to catch all that grime. Be sure to check with local regulations. Use the area where you live may have specific laws that require special containers to dispose of excess cleaner.

You may also want to wear gloves and goggles for this part to prevent any of the cleaners from getting into contact with your skin and to keep dirt out of your eyes. When you are done, you can replace the tire, tighten the wheel lugs, and let down the jack.

Overall, the carby cleaner at any time when your car is due for a tune-up. This will help your brakes function better on the road. You can also use this cleaner when it is time to work on the brakes or replace them. If you clean them first, you will have an easier time seeing any problems that need to be addressed.