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How To Make Your Home Look More Beautiful By Using Travertine Tiles In Sydney

Your home is one of the most comfortable dwellings for you. Playing with a few classy objects will not only look more beautiful than ever, but you will also enjoy the surroundings. Usually, the backyard is where people don’t put effort into decorating the same. It is one of the most ignored spots of houses. However, you will be surprised to know there is an economical yet stylish way to redo your backyards. All you need is some funky or classy travertine tiles, Sydney, to change the entire look of your backyard. 

Looking To Install Travertine Tiles, Here Is What You Should Know

  • Select the right size, colour, and design for your travertine tiles. Travertine tiles or pavers come in various sizes, colours, and shapes. You always have options about how to make your backyard enhance the overall look of your house. For instance, you can select light-coloured travertine tiles for your backyard to complement your dark wooden tea table in the backyard. These tiles or pavers give you the best of both worlds by being highly durable and anti-slippery.
  • Consider using silver travertine tiles in Sydney for your pool deck. This is entirely optional. Because most individuals prefer earthy tones when getting travertine tiles, Sydney. But earthy-toned pavers look rustic and outdated. Instead, I suggest using silver pavers because they help create a sophisticated foundation around your pool deck. 
  • Use a combination of pavers and natural grass. The most commonly used way to style your backyard with travertine tiles is to pair them with natural grass. Yes, you read that right. You will fall in love with the colour contrast and textures created by this combination. Consider using them to build a path through your backyard. Consider forming an accent border around a patio. 
  • Select types of honed pavers. Honed pavers have a clean mirror look that makes them look glossy and luxurious. These are suitable to style around the deck of your pool. Moreover, you can also use them for landscaping accents and patios. 
  • Travertine tiles, Sydney, are more in trend these days. If you plan to make your house using travertine tiles, I recommend going for it. Imports of travertine tiles from turkey to Australia have increased a lot lately. Hence, using them will make your house look gorgeous and luxurious, justifying your style statement. Travertine tiles are so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes that it looks so good. 

Nowadays, the demand for travertine tiles in Sydney has escalated dramatically over a few years for good reasons. The reason why the market has increased is because of its wide variety of uses. We will understand the various services in the later section of this article first. Let us talk about the options in which travertine tiles usually come. 

  • Vein-Cuts travertine tiles are the tiles that promote unity in the direction of the travertine veins. These types of travertine tiles are primarily used for making feature walls.
  • Cross-Cut travertine tiles are used for making flooring and pavers. 

It is time to talk about the different uses of travertine tiles in building gorgeous houses. And why is there a Higher Demand Of Travertine Tiles In Sydney These Days, And For Good Reasons?

  • Travertine tiles are widely used in bathrooms. Travertine tiles usually come in a wide variety of colours but with a standard sizing of 600*600, making them desirable to fit in the bathrooms. Usually, the travertine tiles used in bathrooms are three types – honed, polished, and tumbled. 
  • Travertine tiles with tumbled finishings make an excellent choice for outdoor use. These travertine tiles’ versatile nature makes them a contributing element to your outdoor backyard or entertainment areas. These travertine tiles’ raw and rustic feel restricts the unwanted dirt allowing you to enjoy the backyard in a laid-back manner. It is one of the most cost-effective options if the budget determines you.
  • Travertine tiles can also be used as stepping stones. You can select the different sizes of travertine tiles to guide your visitors directly to your house or make a walkaway in your backyard. The sizes popularly used are (600*400), (400*400), and (800*600). 
  • Travertine tiles make the most beautiful step treads. Travertine tiles that come in either Round Edge (Bullnose), Square Edge (Pencil Edge), as well as Drop Edge (Stone Slab Look) are commonly used types when it comes to fitting on your stairs. 
  • You can also use these tiles to make the top of your kitchen or barbeque top. One of the best parts about travertine tiles is that it is ideal for indoor and outdoor kitchens because of their full-stone-sized slabs (3000*1600*20mm) and (3000*1600*20mm).
  • Consider using travertine tiles in your fireplace hearth or mantlepiece. 

This article talks much about Sydney’s vast uses and types of travertine tiles. I hope this article will help you give your home an excellent look with Travertine.