What Are The Different Types Of Marble Tiles? And Our Best Marble Tile Options For The Kitchen!

Marble tiles are available in a wide range of colours, making them an ideal choice to enhance any kitchen renovations Penrith. The variations in venous styles and grains vary from different types of marble, plus the variation available in NSW. Untrained eyes may find it hard to distinguish the marble varieties. It is good to do some analysis with so many options so that you can determine best for your kitchen renovations Penrith project.

The kitchen or artistic flair can be added to the hall, depending on the type of marble used. The abundance of available in Showroom, marble colours and types allow you to add or contrast teeth or create distinctive mosaic designs on floors and walls. Regardless of the type that you choose from NSW to install, the marble tile brings an untimely visual effect anywhere.

Here are some in-demand options for marble:

Marble (Carrara) tile:

Generally used in the sculpture and decoration of the kitchen renovations Penrith, available at Showroom in white, grey or blue-grey. It has a more regular veining and can be thin and delicate or thick and feathery, yet dramatic. Carrara is one of the most easy-to-use marble solutions in NSW. Because it may be crude, unprecedented, use it to add a clean airy feel in the kitchens.

Statuary tile of marble: 

Carrara sister stone, statuary marble with uniform background and clear grey tones, characteristic and more dramatic veining. Its semi-translucent white background gives a brilliant, bright feel, reflects light and brightens every kitchen renovations Penrith.

Calcatta marble tile:

Often misspelt as Calcutta, Calcata, and Calacata, this marble tile is also commonly mistaken for Carrara marble. Though marble is frequently quartered in Carrara, Italy, and shares a similarity with marble of Carrara, such as white, grey-veining colouring, it has several distinct features. Calacatta marble is usually white in broad, dense patterns with dark veining.

For some homes, if paired with a kitchen stainless steel or white porcelain of a bathroom, it can add a striking look. Since it’s rarely considered to be a luxurious stone by many citizens than Carrara. Gold marble Calacatta adds a slash of wealth to the tiling and, depending on the colour, can radiate both warm and cool tones. It is nowadays easily available at stores in NSW

Emperador marble tile:

Quarried in Spanish, the stone is of varying shades of brown and ranged between white to grey in the area of Calacatta and Carrara. The grains with irregular veins typically show fine grain. Its darker colour is a suitable option for a busy floor or a charming fireplace.

Marble cream ivory tile:

Cream ivory often comes in different options of tonal variations in Spain. Light beige or yellowish colour of the most common and well-known carvings vary in intensity and irregularity with uniform backgrounds and veins. Crema ivory is typically used in other dark natural stones, which are more coloured and are commonly found in exterior kitchen renovations Penrith, floors and decorations. This is an attractive choice for homeowners and developers because of its large reserve and wide Showroom access.