How Long Do Garage Doors In Sutherland Shire Last?

Many garage doors in Sutherland Shire are over 30 years old – almost 20 years older than the national average. Here’s why.

Correctly maintained garage doors in Sutherland Shire last for over thirty years. On average, garage doors last for 10 to 12 years. Why do some homeowners manage to get more years out of their garage doors?

It’s all about maintenance. Most homeowners take their garage doors for granted. They don’t take care of their garage doors until they stop functioning correctly and there’s an emergency.

Some homeowners refuse to fix their garage doors. Typically, these doors announce their failure weeks in advance. Most homeowners don’t engage in DIY repairs.

That’s because working on garage doors comes with many injury risks. 

1. Most garage roller doors in Sydney are usually very heavy. 

2. The tension springs of these doors are also very tightly wound. 

3. If these components snap or detach, they can inflict serious injuries. 

Complex repairs should always be left in the hands of professionals who provide garage door repair in Sydney. However, not all garage door parts are hard to work on. 

Extension springs, tracks, and pulley cables are some parts that homeowners can maintain. Homeowners who carry these parts of their garage doors in Sutherland Shire make them last for over 30 years. 

Here are some essential maintenance steps these homeowners take that anyone can replicate –

Regularly Lubricating All Moving Parts

Applying small amounts of oil to the moving parts of a new garage door will boost its efficiency. Well-lubricated garage doors don’t give out odd noises. They always open/close smoothly.

Homeowners should consider lubricating the following moving parts of their garage door systems regularly –

1. The opener’s chain

2. Drive screws

3. Hinges

4. Door rollers

5. Tracks

Lubricate these parts at least twice a year. Use a spray lubricant to effortlessly apply oil to these moving parts of your old or new garage door.

Tighten the Hardware

On average, garage doors in Sutherland Shire open and close at least one thousand times per year. These constant movements cause several components of the entrances to loosen. The vibrations caused by the opening/shutting of the doors weaken the internal hardware. 

It’s normal for the doors’ bolts, roller brackets, and other parts to become loose or shaky. Homeowners must find garage door repair experts and ask them to tighten any flexible components. 

They should regularly check the doors’ hardware conditions and ensure that none of the components falls apart.

Regular Inspections

Typically, homeowners who frequently receive garage door repairs in Sydney have yearly maintenance contracts. Garage door repair companies examine their garage doors yearly or bi-yearly. 

The repair experts look for signs of hardware damage, water damage, peeling paint, and other damages in these checkups. If they detect any issues, they instantly fix them. 

Owners of garage doors in Sutherland Shire who receive such regular maintenance inspections get the best deals. Their garage doors have functioned perfectly for several years. Their secret to making their garage doors last longer is regular inspections and maintenance!