No More Roses: How To Get Unique Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery In Cheltenham

This Valentine’s Day, don’t gift your partner roses. You should consider some other love-inducing flowers while getting flower delivery in Cheltenham

Thousands of people get flower delivery in Cheltenham every year because the process is convenient and cost-efficient. However, there’s one time of the year when a specific group of shoppers receives neither. Every Valentine’s Day, hordes of people buy fresh flowers near me. Their number one target? Red roses. 

The Decline of Red Roses

Valentine’s day has become synonymous with red roses. But, there are no hard-and-fast gifting policies that mandate this trend. People buy red roses because, well… they see other couples buy red roses. Of course, red roses are great bouquet flowers. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with them. 

But, every February, floral shops that sell red roses face supply challenges. Everyone wants to buy red roses on Valentine’s Day. So, their prices shoot up. Thankfully, there are several Australian natives that lovers can buy instead of red roses. Instead of overpaying for red roses this Valentine’s Day, opt for these beautiful flowers instead –


Classy, elegant, and eye-catching – orchids are graceful flowers that people use to convey romantic sentiments. They’re the ideal Valentine’s day flowers for a variety of reasons. Providers of same-day flower delivery in Sydney offer different types of orchids. 

Some are deep pink, some orange, some bright yellow, and others plain white. The point is there are many orchid shades for shoppers to choose from. Instead of buying generic red roses, buying orchids of colours that your loved one appreciates is better.

1. Orchids are delicate. They don’t last long. But that’s the point of using them as Valentine’s Day gifts. They’re ideal for one day of celebration.

2. You can use orchids in arrangements featuring other flowers. A floral shop can also deliver your orchids as blooming plants. 

3. Orchids represent love, luxury, and beauty – three themes in tune with Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Red Tulips

Want to know of a flower that represents enduring love and prosperity much better than red roses? The red tulip is the answer. Red tulips are classic symbols of romance and passion. In February, these flowers are not in season in Australia. But top providers of flower delivery in Cheltenham can arrange them for you anyway. 

Unlike red roses, tulips don’t cost much. They come in different colors – purple, red, yellow, white, and pink. You can go for a bouquet of tulips using a combination of colours. But, for Valentine’s Day, gifting red tulips that convey love, passion, and romance is a better gesture.


Unlike tulips, hyacinth blooms in February. So, you can get hyacinth flower delivery in Cheltenham for very low prices. Hyacinth blooms look like classy star-shaped clusters. These flowers can be up to 12 inches tall. The tradition of gifting lovers hyacinth flowers goes back to the Victorian era. In that era, hyacinths symbolized innocence and love.


Looking for the brightest and boldest fresh flowers near me? Then, you can’t go wrong with Dahlias. These beautiful flowers come in different species and colours. They’re related to zinnia, chrysanthemums, and sunflowers. Overall, these flowers are great Valentine’s Day gifts. Unlike red roses, you can buy these flowers cheaply by getting flower delivery in Cheltenham.