All You Need To Know About Using Various Types Of Shower Heads In Your Home

When it comes to bathroom renovations, the possibilities are limitless. You may give your most intimate space an entirely new and contemporary aesthetic by substituting a few accessories with new ones.

In the industry, there are a plethora of shower head options. Choose from the different types of showers accessible to the one that best suits your needs. There are various places that sell a variety of showers and cheap shower heads in Sydney that will make your bathroom feel like a spa. If you’re not sure whether shower or shower head is right for your bathroom, you can always ask the sales agent for assistance by telling him about your bathroom’s necessities and appearance.

What are some of the varieties of shower heads available?

1. Standard Wall-Mount Shower Heads:

If you want a basic but graceful design and don’t want to add a showy feature to your bathroom, or if you’re on a budget for your bathroom upgrade, a minimalistic wall-mounted shower head is an excellent choice. It’s as simple as disassembling the old shower head and swapping it with the new one to install a new wall-mounted shower head. It’s simple, hassle-free, and do-it-yourself. Many businesses offer basic wall-mounted shower heads with additional functions and compatibility with pre-existing plumbing.

2. Shower heads that can be held in one’s hand:

As the saying goes, need breeds ingenuity, and the immobile nature of wall-mounted showers has resulted in the development of hand-held showers. Hand-held showers are convenient to use. It is utilised for a variety of purposes, including bathing children and dogs, cleaning hair quickly, rinsing shower enclosures, and much more. They are wall-mounted and have a variety of uses.

3. Ceiling-Mounted Showers or Rain Showers:

Ceiling-mounted shower heads, as the term indicates, are suspended from the ceiling, just above your head, to provide a satisfying drenching. Rain showers are so named because they offer the sensation of bathing in rain. They can be drained to the ceiling or hung from the ceiling through a pendant. They need some plumbing changes, unlike ordinary wall-mounted showers.

What are the things that need to be considered while installing a shower head?

1. Multi-Function vs. Single-Function

One aspect to note is if you want a single-function or multi-function device. Simply put, if you’re going to hang a rainshower from your ceiling, aim for one that has only one function. As your shower head is placed 3-4 feet above your head, changing the levels will be difficult.

2. The greater the diameter, the lower the pressure

Manufacturers are now required to limit water output to a maximum of 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM), with some eco-friendly shower heads allowing for as little as 1.5 gpm.

You can always talk to a plumber or a contractor to check whether the pressure in your home can be altered. These flow rates are usually predicated on 60 PSI, which means that if your house’s pressure is lower, you won’t even obtain the full flow rate, which is often regulated.

3. You Should Know What You’re Getting

Although most hand held shower heads are supplied in sets with all of the necessary components, there are still numerous possibilities for purchasing cheap shower heads without the hose or holder. Simply confirm with the producer or reseller.