Difference Between Civil And Modular Kitchens In kitchen Renovations In Wollongong

The basic difference between a civil and modular kitchen is that a carpenter makes a civil kitchen, whereas the modular kitchen is manufactured in a factory. If you are buying a new house or want to renovate your existing kitchen, then a modular kitchen is the best option, which is more upscale than a civil kitchen. In earlier days, whenever Kitchen Renovations in Wollongong, mostly preferred the civil kitchen for any home but with time this civil work has been developed with factory-made the product.

Different parts such as cabinets, shutters, panels, etc., are assembled in a factory to build a compatible kitchen unit. A modular kitchen has superior materials and finishes as it is manufactured and designed in a factory with the latest technology and hardware tools available. With a modular kitchen, the looks of your house become more charming and aesthetic.

Modular Kitchen

A modular kitchen is the modern type of kitchen in high demand nowadays because of its functionalities. The main advantage of a modular kitchen is that you can assemble it and disperse it any time you want. This means that whenever Kitchen Renovations in Wollongong are done, you can change the fittings according to your requirements. Some of the advantages of using a modular kitchen are given below:

  • Perfect finish:  Modular kitchens are widely accepted today because of their smooth and sleek finishes. The corners and edges are nicely banded with the help of the machine. Overall, it is long-lasting and provides an aesthetic look too.
  • Modular kitchen is movable: The modular kitchen can easily be assembled and dispersed because of its functionality. As a result, your kitchen will move with you whenever you shift your home.
  • Storage space with a 3-D look: Modular kitchens can be built with customized storage space to meet your requirements. With the help of technology, it can be designed with a visual tour of your dream kitchen with a 3-D look.

Civil Kitchen

A carpenter usually makes civil kitchens with their rudimentary technology and tools. The biggest advantage of Kitchen Renovations in Wollongong with a civil kitchen is that you can create a unique cooking space. Some of the limitations of the civil kitchen are mentioned below. They are:

  • You won’t have to choose it from a pre-existing catalogue to create a unique cooking space. You can design according to your need.
  • Since a carpenter builds it with rudimentary technology and tools, you cannot control the quality and finishes of the materials.
  • It is easier to manage small changes with customized design in a civil kitchen, but you won’t receive a design before work commencing with a civil kitchen.
  • Since a carpenter builds a civil kitchen, so the cost of building a kitchen depends completely on the carpenter. 


So, it can be concluded that whenever you opt-in between a modular kitchen and a civil kitchen for Kitchen Renovations in Wollongong, the safest option is the modular kitchen. Since it is manufactured in a factory, a modular kitchen provides you with superior quality, finishes, design, and cost. A modular kitchen also helps you with a hassle-free experience if you consult an interior design company.