5 Practical Creative Recommendations By PODS To Help Brands Spice Up Their Creativity In 2022!

With 2022 nearing us, we at PODS, creative design agency Mumbai, have put together a list of practical, creative recommendations that will help you spice up your brand creativity in 2022!

So let’s not waste time, and let’s start reading what lies ahead in the world of creative branding!

#1: Minimalism

Brands will be following the “less is more mantra in 2022.” 

Why’s that?

Well, being minimalistic in your brand packaging or brand design can help you stand out from the crowd.

Most customers will pick a product with a brand packaging or design with a solid colour and unique fonts over products with brand packaging that display a cluster of colours and bold fonts.

Modern customers are looking for a simple, minimalistic and classy creative branding that soothes their eyes, not sores them!

 Minimalistic style is an excellent way for ensuring that viewers precisely focus on what you want them to focus on.

So, if you want to invest in a creative branding strategy where bold/unique fonts are the stars of the show, adopting a minimalistic branding style is the idea of spicing up your creativity in 2022!

#2: Let’s Get Quirky!

Quirky branding is all about ripping the branding rulebook and incorporating unexpected elements that help to create fun and individuality. 

Think hand-drawn illustrations, DIY elements, odd imagery, overlapping elements, bizarre imagery, chaotic design and overall asymmetry!

It’s quirky, cool and fun and can brighten up your customer’s day!

These “quirks” demonstrate a personalised and accessible side of your brand increasing customer connections and helping brands make a bold statement.

Several top brands, even those belonging to traditional industries like Finance, are likely to adopt quirky branding in 2022.

#3: It’s All About Being Playful & Bold

Selecting the correct font & typeface is another creative recommendation by PODS, a creative ad agency in Mumbai.  

Wrapping up your powerful brand message with the correct font can perfectly communicate your brand’s message and suit your brand’s tone. 

This recommendation is perfect for bold, fun and playful brands!

Remember, selecting a playful display font can instantly add volumes of personality to your branding. Start by adding some motion and bold colour and make your brand come alive!

#4: Brand Activism

In 2022, brands need to wear their hearts on their sleeves and demonstrate their commitment to what they believe in or stand for.

 New-age customers are looking forward to interacting with brands that share their values, sustainability or social justice.

Brand activism is all about communicating your brand’s commitment to making a positive change- and most importantly, following through!

Customers wish to invest in brands that not only reap profits but are passionate about bringing a change in society.

#5: Motion Logos

2022 will witness many motion logos as they are ideal for retaining the users’ attention in an aggressive and high content environment.

A dynamic way of brand presentation represents good company character transferring a specific brand message to the audience. 

Motion logo is the ideal way of being unique and differentiating your brand from the crowd.

So as one of the leading creative ad agencies in Mumbai, our final practical recommendation would be don’t stay still and get in motion!