large wooden crates

How To Protect Your Large Wooden Crates From Decaying

Many businesses avoid investing in large wooden crates thinking they’ll decay within months of purchase. However, these crates can last even longer than plastic boxes! Here’s how. Many businesses make the mistake of switching to non-biodegradable packaging items such as plastic crates in the hopes of finding long-lasting storage and shipping solutions. Plastic crates outlive wooden crates, so they’re more reliable as long-term packaging solutions, right? Wrong! High-quality and large wooden crates can last for centuries. Countless wooden crates currently being used in legacy industries were manufactured in the early 20th century! The only reason why people assume wooden crates aren’t as long-lasting as plastic crates or crates made of synthetic materials, is because there’s a lack of awareness about wood preservation. If you master preventing wood rotting, your wooden crates can easily outlive any plastic packaging item, while costing you much less money.

The Key Threats

The key threats that large wooden crates face include –

  • Moisture Exposure: Moisture is the leading cause of wood rotting. So, it is crucial to give wooden crates moisture treatment from time to time.
  • Lack Of Paint: Paint doesn’t just make wooden crates look better, it also adds protective features. Sometimes, fading paint or a complete lack of protective paint causes wooden crates to decay prematurely.
  • Improper Cleaning: Just because your crates are made of hardwood, doesn’t mean they don’t need special cleaning or maintenance. Simple maintenance tricks like allowing the wood to dry after every cleaning session can significantly help prevent wood rotting.

How To Preserve Wooden Crates?

Several industry leaders, especially from the field of agriculture, have spoken about the importance of using large wooden crates across the industry. These ‘Build Green’ initiatives are backed by scientific research. These industry leaders don’t want fellow businesses to invest in wooden packaging items just because they’re eco-friendly.

Wooden crates are also cost-effective and can last for long periods if they’re stored in favorable temperatures and kept away from moisture and microscopic fungi. Simple steps can help operators prevent wood decay. Some of these steps include –

  • Add a protective coating to the crates every few months. These protective paints or varnishes create moisture-resilient films on top of the creates, keeping the crates’ wooden junctures intact for long periods.
  • Partner with crate manufacturers who use preservative-treated wood. The difference between treated and untreated wood is massive. Crates made of heat or preservative-treated wood last for long periods, even when they’re regularly exposed to moisture or rainfall. That’s why these crates are extremely popular in the shipping industry.
  • Investing in moisture prevention. If you’re using large wooden crates in your facility, you need to invest in moisture prevention tactics. Make sure all storage areas where you keep your wooden boxes receive adequate amounts of sunlight and heat on a regular basis. If you possess hundreds of wooden crates, invest in special moisture-resistant sheets and covers. The use of products like desiccants that use moisture-absorbing technology is also recommended.

Protecting Your Investment

When large wooden crates are left untreated or unmaintained for long periods, they become useless. On the other hand, businesses that invest in protecting and maintaining these crates get to use them for decades. Why spend money buying crates made of synthetic materials when you can spend much less on refurbishing and maintaining your wooden crates? Protecting your wooden crates from decay is protecting your investment!