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What Mistakes That You Might Be Unknowingly Be Making While Consuming Your Healthy Green Tea?

Although, most people are aware of the numerous health benefits that green tea provides, little do many people know about the right way to consume this fitness tea Here are 4 mistakes that you might be making as well while drinking your healthy cup of green tea which instead of improving your health might, in turn, be hampering it, surprisingly.

Never Drink on an Empty Stomach:

One of the foremost thing needed to take care of is to avoid drinking green tea on an empty stomach. Green tea contains extracts of oxidants that can adversely affect the stomach balance and can prove to be less helpful in weight reduction but rather a little harmful for your overall health. So, it is important to note that even if green tea on an empty stomach might seem to be a refreshing and healthy choice, it is certainly not the best choice for one’s stomach balance and overall health. Instead of this, one can opt for more healthy and better options like a glass of lukewarm water with lime or honey or just fruit as per one’s convenience and preference.

Neither after Completing Meal:

Almost as important as it is to remember not to have green tea on an empty stomach, it is also important to avoid drinking green tea immediately after a meal. This is so because having this slim-fit tea just after a meal might, in turn, lead to inhibiting the regular process of nutrient absorption which is one of the most important life processes for the normal operation of the human body. It can also lead to digestion imbalance due to the dilution of the gastric juices by the skinny tea which is highly undesirable. So, one should avoid having green tea right after a meal. Ideally, one can have green tea with a gap of about 45 minutes to an hour before or after the meal.

Avoid Having tea late at night

Green tea energizes the body and having this fitness tea that burns the body fat late in the night might mean interfering with the normal sleep pattern. This might not just take away your sound sleep hours but might also lead to more disturbing rest deficient days thereby increasing the stress levels in your body and leading to lower productivity and high chances of falling sick. So, one should avoid having green tea for at least an hour before sleep.

Avoid Reusing Tea Bags

While most people might think that by reusing the bags of this slim-fit tea, they are making complete use of it and extracting all its oxidants efficiently, they are in turn adding disease-causing microbes to their tea. This is because a wet tea bag is more prone and vulnerable to microbial infestation and so, one should avoid reusing these bags to avoid any health risks that it might cause.

The Last Advice

Apart from taking care of not making any of these mistakes, one should also avoid drinking green tea more than two to three times in the entire day as it might increase the toxicity in the body that can potentially damage your liver.