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Choosing The Right Type Of Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are made using different kinds of woods and they can be categorized into two separate groups, namely hardwood, and softwood. Hardwoods are the type of wood used in the making of furniture. Examples of hardwood are teak, walnut, oak, maple, and mahogany. Wood such as spruce, yew, pine, Douglas fir is considered softwoods.

Wooden pallets can be made with a variety of woods, but their composition differs according to the country of origin. The people who work with wooden pallets in Sydney are on the lookout for woods that do not only fit the purpose but also the ones which are readily available consistently. Pine is the most widely used type of wood in making wooden pallets because it can be kiln-dried without any damage. Next to pine, Oak is considered to be a stronger material, but to grow and fell oak trees just for pallets seems expensive. 

It is said that softwoods are much cheaper and grow at a much faster rate. They are easy to cut and prepare. Hardwoods are known to be expensive because it takes a longer time to grow. If you are not under a budget, you can very well opt for hardwood for its endurance.

Choosing the Best Type of Wooden Pallets

Deciding on the type of wooden pallet to use solely depends upon the need and the project you are going to do. Heat-treated or fumigated with Methyl Bromide pallets are the best. Wooden pallets in Sydney that are marked “HT” and ISPM 15 certified, are of the best quality. It should also be constructed with spiral nails. Pesticide treated pallets should be avoided.

1. Stringer Vs Block Pallets

The most widely available pallets are the stringer and block pallets. Stringer pallets are made of 3 vertical 2″ x 4″ boards. It is 2-way, but a notched stringer allows it to grab from all 4 sides.

Block pallets are known to be most durable and it is available in 4 ways. It is made with 9 4″ x 4″ boards. It is a bit more expensive than the stringer pallet. 

2. Solid Deck Wooden Pallets 

In solid deck wooden pallets, a thin sheet of wood is seen on the deck. These pallets are easier to clean and used in transporting small items. They do not have cracks in-between which might cause the products to slip and therefore they can be used for carrying little toys and other pharmaceuticals also. 

3. Double-faced Vs single-faced pallets

As the name single-faced suggests, the boards are seen only on one side. The items can be stacked in the place meant for stacking. Whereas double-faced pallets have boards on either side. They are sturdy and quite expensive also. 

4. 2-way Vs 4-way Wooden pallets

2-way pallets have openings for forklift or jack on one side. The workers need to be cautious when offloading and maneuvering. But when it comes to 4-way wooden pallets it has openings on all 4 sides for jack and forklift. This makes work much easier.

The beauty of wooden pallets depends upon the wood used and the way they are constructed. Choose your wooden pallets wisely with the above-mentioned points and use them for various DIY woodworking projects and for transporting goods.