Audiologist Gymea

A Brief Outline Of The Jobs Performed By An Audiologist

Audiology is the field of science that deals with hearing and balance disorders. So, the audiologists are the experts who offer complete care for these disorders. The most common duty of these audiologists is to treat hearing impairments of the patients and prescribe them the right hearing aids. But the expertise of an audiologist in Gymea is not just limited to these things. Audiology applies to different disorders. And these disorders can be present in kids, infants, elderly, or adults.

So, here is a list of conditions that an audiologist can treat:


The main way to deal with this issue is to wear a hearing aid for amplifying the sounds around people. Various types of assistive learning devices are found in the market. And it is the responsibility of a good audiologist in Gymea to find out the best solution to the issue.

Hearing disability:

The severity of this issue often varies based on the ear condition. Here an audiologist works out the right extent of hearing damage that someone suffers from by using the audiometers. Besides, the audiologist also pinpoints the reasons for hearing loss and then offers the treatment or solution for the condition.


It is mainly characterized by the ringing sound or noise in the ears. The major symptom of this disorder is a whistling or buzzing sound of low intensity throughout the day. Over time, this can be very uncomfortable and disturbing.

Auditory processing disorders:

These are brain disorders where the brain cannot process the heard sounds. Besides, the cerebral cortex can also face issues in distinguishing the non-speech and speech sounds. But the best audiologist in Gymea can treat this condition by measuring what frequencies and sounds one can register by performing different audiological tests.

Balance disorders:

These disorders take place when the inner ear balance gets disturbed. These disorders involve vertigo and some amount of dizziness, with the dizziness mainly caused by trauma or ear infections. Here the audiological testing reveals the reasons for the disorders and decides the course of treatment.

Misophonia and hyperacusis:

Misophonia is the selective sensitivity to the small repetitive sounds where Hyperacusis is all about the increased sensitivity to daily sounds in the normal environment. In both cases, the patient faces symptoms like having the normal sound amplified like television with highly turned up volumes.

How do audiologists treat patients?

Audiologists are highly-educated specialists who test the patients depending on the described symptoms. After performing the tests, they diagnose all the issues and decide the most suitable treatment methods. There is a range of therapies and devices that help audiologists to treat the common audiological issues. Besides, the fitting and dispensing of the hearing aids also fall under their care. And they also maintain the progress of patients in the records. Apart from that, the audiologists can counsel the patients along with their family members regarding the probable difficulties that they may face while using the hearing aids.