luxury bathroom renovations

Transform Your Bathroom Space with Luxury Bathroom Renovations

Bringing a luxurious touch to bathrooms can be quite a daunting idea. With so many things to buy, it’s just a dream for many. Likewise, luxury bathroom renovations need not have only showy and expensive pieces. Bathroom luxury can be found in small and elegant décor pieces as well. It helps in creating a sense of tranquil serenity as soon as you enter it. It’s only the smallest detail making a bathroom look modern and posh. Large bathrooms can be made intimate by using all kinds of larger furniture. But when it comes to the smaller bathrooms, improving a small look can change the feel of the bathrooms.

What should be included in a luxury bathroom renovation?

Answer some of the following questions before going ahead with the renovations:

1.What is the budget you have in mind?

2. Is this the forever home or a temporary residence?

3.What look do you want to bring to the bathrooms?

The budget matters a lot when working with the renovation experts. They will estimate the budget you have in mind before moving forward. Many experts prefer using quality materials to make bathrooms look spacious. These materials are installed with expertise and recommendations. It ensures keeping the maintenance to the minimum making bathrooms look beautiful. Many people are in look of unique details like wood imitation tile for the natural aesthetics in the showers.

The shower windows having private glasses are also a classy option today. Besides, expand a small space with window replacements letting in more natural light. Many people try out skylight installations to illuminate the bathrooms. Custom tile work makes the windows look worthy and also great. The privacy glasses do add on a finishing touch. Heating flooring is also a great luxury renovation while stepping out of a hot shower. It’s perfect during winter mornings after a hot water bath.

Bath and shower upgrades

1.A glass surrounded shower with ceramic wall tiles and upgraded fixtures work the best. The upgraded fixtures can be hand showerheads, multiple jets, etc. Replacing a standard showerhead with a classy shower head adds luxury to the shower.

2.There is a walkthrough two-person shower. Further, the showers with multiple heads are perfect for the people to control the water temperatures separately.

3.A Jacuzzi tub or a contemporary tub with LED lights is another relaxing luxury option. Try it out for a relaxing bath in the luxury bathrooms.

Added luxury features

There are additional features to add to the look and beauty of the bathrooms. Some of these are:

1.Using ceramic tiles

2.Try out heated floors and towel bars. Furthermore, heated floors reduce the need for heaters taking up valuable space in the bathrooms.

3.Using of waterproof shower lighting

4.Humidity control exhaust fans

5.Built-in wall cabinets and drawers

6.Built-in waterproof Bluetooth speakers

7.Stained glass windows and fine art use

What is the best paint for luxurious bathrooms?

In luxury bathroom renovations, the colours of the bathroom play such an essential role by the end of the day. Moreover, if you plan on making smaller bathrooms look bigger, white is the perfect colour. The white reflects light creating an open feeling. Gentle blues and soft greys are also safe sided and can be used. If you are choosing other colours than white, the tone to tone palette is quite eye-catching. There is no such rule against bold colours.  If it is luxury bathroom renovations you are trying to achieve, these colour options are the best choices.

What is the importance of tile works in bathrooms?

Grouting, tilework, etc. all demand key eye attention and details. Further, too risky and large elements overpower the bathrooms making them look suffocated. Using smaller tiles maintain the file detailed work. Maintain the continuous lines throughout the impeccable installations. The floor tiles must be larger. The larger tiles have fewer grouts and help to expand the bathrooms. Place the tile works diagonally on the floor to play the trick. It can make any space look bigger.

Some small bathroom renovation ideas

Whether it’s a small room, smaller bathrooms can reflect beauty if done effectively. Some strategic styling tips help to make small bathrooms look big.

Using unique materials in monochrome:

The stone surfaces and the classic striped towels go very well together and provide a minimalistic edge. The easy-going elegance is proof that a minimalistic approach can also look beautiful. It makes bathrooms look quirky without overpowering the eye.

Put in more storage:

Luxury bathroom renovations have ample storage in it to store everything away in safe places. Think of the odd places to put the hair dryers or the perfect nook for towels. The ‘Mine’ zones can be decorated so amazingly. A luxury bathroom has everything saving your time while rooting for your favourite toiletry. You find more time to simply enjoy the space that you have.

Focus on the touches and finishes:

The luxury bathroom details lie in its fine details and finishes. Think of the metals you want for the fixtures and faucets. Using a unique drawer pull is another concept you can have. It adds a certain touch of class to the rooms. The luxury bath is where you can splash the custom wallpaper. Or it’s the double sinks or the towel warmers for the electronics.

Add in a fresh breath of greenery with plenty of plants. A flat TV screen or a wine fridge is hidden away also works wonders.

Use a large mirror:

Mirrors tend to open up a lot of space. Likewise, make use of the largest mirror in the bathrooms. With the medicine cabinet there over the counters, these counters can turn out to be pretty small. Save big space for the mirrors and use the other parts as storage areas.

What are the costs involved in luxurious bathrooms?

The costs of the luxury bathroom renovations depend a lot on the factors that you intend to use in your bathrooms. It takes account of the project you are taking in hand.

Demolition work of the project

The contractor makes sure whether the bathroom renovations require plans to knock down the existing walls or not. Maybe there might be needs for new fixtures or plumbing that has to be taken care of.

Electrical and the plumbing work

The luxury bathroom renovations require a lot of pipework and other electrical equipment to take care of. While working on the bathrooms, these have to be taken care of. Check the systems and fixes whenever you can. Rerouting also leads to the factor of costs, especially while planning to change the layout of the bathrooms.

Cost of materials

Unlike any other home project, the prices of the materials also vary greatly depending on the choice of bathroom renovations. The materials cost is the most flexible aspect determining whether you need expensive or cheaper materials. It all depends on the planned budget. If the budget doesn’t allow for a marble vanity top, don’t go for it at all.

Building permit fees

In many places, the bathroom renovations come with certain fees. Some of the potential fees to be included are:

$12 per square of the space that needs to be renovated
$200 as the base fee for getting a permit for the work to be done
Necessity HVAC and plumbing permits

What parts of the bathrooms need renovations to make them look luxurious?


The walls are the largest workable section while renovating the bathrooms. The paint all decides about the look of the bathrooms. The paint type maintains the moisture as well. Contact your renovation contractor for ideas on the colours part.

Toilet solutions

The gravity feed or the pressure-assisted are the two types of toilets in use. Likewise, the pressure-assisted toilets are larger but louder as well. Choose what you expect from the toilet. The wall-hung units are the current trends in the markets. If you are looking for a contemporary look, be ready to face the extensive plumbing work. Decide whether to switch back to the freestanding toilet or not.


Recessed lighting is preferable for bathrooms to provide ample illumination. If the bathrooms have an outside wall, having windows is also the perfect choice. Coordinate with the contractor regarding the proper style. The materials and windows need to strike the perfect balance providing privacy and illumination. Natural lighting with a sunroof is also a great idea. If the bathroom is located on the upper floors, it turns out to be the greatest choice.


If the moisture in bathrooms is not dealt with properly, it can lead to bubbles in the paints. Have a powerful fan to ventilate the whole bathroom. If you don’t have windows, make sure the fan runs for about 10 minutes after the shower to prevent the issues.


Bathrooms need to be spank and clean to give that classy and luxurious feeling. Design the bathrooms taking ideas from experts to get good solutions!