shower screen installation

Enhance The Aesthetics Of Your Bathroom With Shower Screens

Today, there are many ways to decorate bathrooms. Along with classical forms, modern methods and functional objects, such as Shower Screens Installation in Blacktown are rapidly gaining popularity. They cope with several tasks, both practical and aesthetic.

A shower screen is the best way to solve the problem of creating a small walling in the bathroom. The purpose of using such a product is to make room for water procedures not only functional but also practical, convenient, and beautiful. A feature of this interior item is its versatility. A partition can be selected literally for any bathroom. Ideally – made to order, taking into account the necessary dimensions and design features of the room.

The absence of frames gives the product visual lightness, airiness, and even weightlessness. As a rule, for the manufacture of glass partitions in the bathroom, tempered glass is used, which is characterized by heat-resistant and ultra-strong characteristics. Such material is several times stronger than ordinary glass. Even if the glass breaks, the fragments will be blunt, so there is no chance of cutting.

Outwardly, it is a piece of sheet glass of a specific size. More often, there are models without a frame with accessories that attach directly to the glass. This is a frameless partition. If the structure has a frame, then an aluminium frame in the form of a profile can be added. This is a frame partition.

Advantages of shower screens:

The main advantages of shower screens are precisely in the material from which they are made since tempered glass has many benefits:

Shockproof: It is resistant to mechanical damage. It is guaranteed by a rather thick glass of 5-12 mm, which undergoes tempering at high temperatures.

Hygiene: Glass panels can be washed using a variety of abrasive substances, without fear of clouding or damage.

Safe use: Even in an extreme case, when the glass still broke, it does not pose a threat. This is because tiny fragments are formed without sharp edges, and a special protective film prevents them from scattering.

Universal design:  Glass partitions for a shower will ideally fit into any interior.

Compactness: Screens are made to order with small dimensions with a low weight, which allows them to be used both in spacious bathrooms and in compact bathrooms.

Aesthetics: Stylish and beautiful appearance, as well as the possibility of decoration, deserve special attention. Glass partitions have a stunning appearance. They serve as a perfect complement to the interior while protecting the environment from the harmful effects of moisture. And the ability to make a product to order allows you to purchase a practical thing per the overall design.

Tightness: The shower screens are mounted to the wall using special gaskets and high-quality fittings, which provide reliable protection against penetration of water outside the partition.

When it comes to the installation of shower screens, it is advisable to entrust the work to specialists those people who have the required expertise in handling the task. You can thus opt for the shower screen installation in Blacktownwhere experts will handle the work accordingly.