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Top 6 Home Electrical Mistakes

Electricity is the most delicate element to work with and needs proper tools, experience, and safety to effectively carry out any job. There is almost no room for errors when working with electrical systems, making electrical connections, and cutting wires to installing switches and outlets. Though not every mistake is going to be catastrophic, if errors are left uncorrected, chances are always there to lead to damages and problems.

When dealing with electrical problems or doing electrical repairs, trying to sort everything by yourself is dangerous.  Moreover, that might also cost you more than you have thought. Most of the homeowners tend to underestimate the complexity of the services that a qualified electrician does. They even believe that they will be able to fix the problem without taking professional help. 

In other words, there is no substitute for taking professional help when it comes to electrical repairs. 

Here are six of the most common mistakes that you can make and must try to avoid. 

  • Using incorrectly sized cables and wires

By the term ‘gauge,’ we mean the variety of sizes that electric wires are available. Different sized cables are available for different purposes, and the gauge of the wire decides the area where we should use it. If you use a wrong-sized wire, it can result in shorting the fuse or overheating, or breaking the circuit. Therefore, a reputed electrician in the eastern suburbs of Sydney recommends using devices and wires that are rated appropriately. 

  • Incorrect fixing of switches and outlets

We can all picture switches and outlets that seem to dangle from walls. Perhaps you, too, have some of such things around your office or home. Switches and outlets hanging in such form are categorically dangerous. When you plug-in appliances into any loosely fitted outlets, the wires will loosen the terminals and cause overheating and arcing.  

  • Faulty connections in the electrical boxes

You should never try to make any electrical connection outside the electrical boxes. The primary purpose of electrical boxes is to offer protection from all external elements. If you need an extension, you can use a plastic or metal box. It is also hazardous to overfill or add electrical boxes with connections as that will increase the chances of overheating or short-circuiting. 

  • Replacing the fuses

Protecting the wire ampacity ratings along with electrical flow into all connected appliances is supported by the safety mechanism of fuses and breakers. It is often the case that when a fuse starts blowing, a person thinks that a mere replacement will solve the issue. They even believe that they need to use a bigger breaker or fuse. Unfortunately, this is one of the significant causes of home fires and replacing fuses continuously is dangerous. 

If the fuse continues to blow or the breaker trips, you need to understand that there is some problem with the circuit wiring, and you need to call a professional electrician in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. 

  • Loose connections

You need to ensure that all connections in the fuse box are correctly placed and tight. If the links are loose, the lights and appliances will keep on flickering, and all cut short. In some worst cases, the circuit might overheat. 

If you suspect any problem with the fuse connection, you should immediately organize an inspection by a professional electrician. We never recommend inspecting it yourself; however, ensure that you turn off the breakers before examining them.   

  • Drop cords and overloading the outlets 

Overloading outlets and power boards are one of the most common electrical mistakes.  This might not seem like a problem to many as you can purchase multiple power boards and adaptors. But if you load a circuit with extra amps, then it can handle the breaker might trip off. This risk is higher when you load up outlets and power boards with giant appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, and air conditioners. 

The six common electrical mistakes discussed in this article are those that most of us can relate to. Many are present in everyday homes and workplaces. It is crucial to be mindful of these common problems and always seek the service of a professional electrician in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.