8 Guidelines To Help You Take Care Of Timber Floor

Timber is the best floor material. It is decorative. It refurbishes your home. The material is not expensive. You can select unlimited shades and color.

There are different grades in timber floor material. If you take proper care, it will last for years

  • Follow experts guidelines before selecting polish material
  • Always go for sand finish timber
  • Avoid leaving spills for a longer time on the floor

There are tips you can follow so the flooring last for years. You can hire timber flooring in Gladesville team to maintain flooring in top condition.

  1. Humidity care:

Humidity can damage timber floors. It shrinks the material. It can also lead to damp and mould formation. If you feel summers are humid, then you can use humidifiers.

This will also help prevent expansion and shrinkage of floor material.

  1. No spikes indoors:

Timber floor and spike shoes are never best friends. Spikes and heels can damage the floor material. You should avoid wearing spikes indoors.

If you have guests, then do not welcome shoes indoors. Best timber flooring in Gladesville dealers suggests avoiding spikes, indoors.

  1. Avoid pets or trim nails:

Pets are common in most homes. If you have a pet dog or cat, ensure to trim nails. Pets will often scratch timber floors. To avoid this, always keep the nails trimmed.

Check for paws very often. Pets can carry moisture through wet paws, very often.

  1. Use doorway rugs:

If you feel rugs are expensive, then only use them at the doorways. This guarantees, dust and debris do not make its way indoors. You can consult timber flooring in Gladesville experts for best quality door rugs

If possible, you can use rugs indoors as well. It helps improve the life span of the timber floor.

  1. Ban liquid cleaners:

Liquid cleaners may contain a high percentage of water. This can damage the timber floor. The wet mob is never best for timber floors. It will dampen the timber floor.

Expert timber flooring in Gladesville dealers will suggest using microfibre cloth only.

  1. Vacuum regular:

Timber floor will last for years if you vacuum every day. This guarantees that dust and debris do not get accumulated. Floors may have gaps in-between. 

If you vacuum, dust does not get collected in the gaps. It helps maintain shine as well.

  1. Avoid leaving spills:

You cannot avoid spills indoors. But make it a habit to wipe spills on time. Always dry mob spills. Do not use water, if not needed. Spills can damage the top layer of the timber floor. 

Some spills will leave stains. Treat spills as they happen. For best result, wax the floor very often.

  1. Use quality polish:

Wax is the best polish material for a timber floor. Always select quality wax polish. This will treat scratch and stains. Timber flooring in Gladesville dealers can suggest quality wax polish for timber floors.

  1. Use sand finish timber:

Timber that is sand finish is best indoors. The material is smooth and elegant. It will last for years. It does not need much maintenance.

Timber floors get damaged with time. Never slide heavy objects on the floor. This improves its life by years.