Planning to Give your House an Aesthetic Look? Timber Flooring is the Perfect Option

Like how looking into one’s shoes describes about the person, walking into one’s home and looking at the flooring talks more about the character and preferences of the person. It is completely wrong to blindly select flooring options without scrutinizing the pros and cons of it. Today, there is an increasing trend in the choices of flooring by people across the world. People are moving towards wooden flooring rather than polyvinyl, ceramic and stone based flooring which are usually toxic and unsafe. Especially Timber flooring in Cabramatta, Australia is being used in almost all houses to create their houses analogous to nature.

Special features of Timber flooring

Timber flooring is a viable, environmentally friendly and inexpensive alternative to the conventional flooring types. It is generally made of 3 or more layers of wood which give strength to the structure. As they are made from wood, they are completely natural and do not require the use of hazardous chemicals or polymers. This type of flooring enhances the structural stability and integrity of the floor. As wood is one of the best insulators of heat, it is the best choice for insulated floors, unlike marble and granite flooring which conduct heat to a great extent. Wooden flooring is smooth and yet resistant to slippery. Maintaining wooden floors is easier when compared to other flooring types.

Flooring that is resistant to repetitive damage

These type of flooring can be fitted either before furnishing on site or can be attached after furnishing. As the flooring is made of several layers of wood, the flooring is resistant to even repetitive damages. Therefore they can be used for long periods of time due to its durability. There is no worry about trapped dust or dirt when wooden flooring are installed as they can be easily cleaned. Most importantly these flooring types are affordable and are available at rates less than other flooring types. Timber flooring can be classified into two types: Solid and Floating timber flooring. Timber flooring patterns are available at a wide range based on the colour, grain and texture of the wood used. While some wood colours have a reddish tint, few woods give subtle and light colour to the floor. This type of flooring provides extra comfort to the feet as they are smooth and provide warmth during colder days and remain cool during warm days. These flooring grains or textures are extremely diverse with refreshing and trendy colours.


Engineered wood flooring is resistant to expansion as the core layers are made of plywood. The timber flooring in Cabramatta are unique, and the time required for installation is very less when compared to concrete or marble flooring. Above all, timber flooring can be repaired and refurnished easily. Laminated flooring is also increasingly preferred as they make the floors look glossy. Australian homes are turning organic with the installation of structural and aesthetically beautiful timber wood flooring which add value and beauty to the interiors of your house