Commercial label printer

The Best Commercial Colour Label Printer of 2021

The labels are like any other product in the market. They add colour and an instant appeal to the consumers of various brands. Small companies, though, can only create high-quality labels by owning the best commercial label printer.

If you are looking to buy a commercial label printer, you need to consider multiple considerations. Let us face it, these kinds of devices are not inexpensive – they are not like the flimsy ones that people purchase to produce organizing labels for their homes or scrapbooks – they are commercial-grade machinery built to meet all the rigours of industrial activity.

So, with that in mind, here are the top 6 things you can remember before purchasing a commercial label printer from a manufacturer:


First of all, what do you need to make heavy-duty labels? Sure, these printers can make funny bumper stickers with a memorable slogan on them—but what do you use them for? Popular uses for these are to make hundreds and lots of pipe markers, arc flash marks, and NFPA 704 diamond signs. They are also useful for making safety slogans, caution and warning signs, 5S, lean, kaizen, and road marking stickers. Depending on how much you use it, you can need to use it every day or for occasional printing during the year. 

Commercial label printers are fantastic since most of them can print on label tapes up to 4 inches high, and they can spit labels out way faster than the store-purchased consumer models. They will also take advantage of the sun and harsher conditions of factories and warehouses.


Modern commercial label printers are almost flawless in their work. They use heat transfer ribbon and heat seal text or graphics from the ribbon to the compatible thermal sticker. This helps a commodity survive for several years until it experiences a lot of physical deterioration or fades. Moreover, commercial label printers are temperature soluble and also solvent resistant.

Easy To Use

Many commercial label printers come with their proprietary applications; however, it is ideal to purchase a label maker that can be used with word processing software or even programs like Photoshop. This way, whether you have a shift of staff, switch departments or forget the original marking program, you will still use the name.


As already discussed, these labeling systems are not inexpensive, but they are so much better than the store-buy kind. You should expect to spend between a large sum of money for a pretty decent commercial label printer, and the widths vary from 3 inches to 9 inches for most models.

Customer Service

 If you are buying something called industrial, you are investing in equipment, and you need to know that the salesmen will take care of you. Find a company that not only deals for you for the initial sale but is available when you need additional materials, maintenance, etc. This is the beginning of a friendship, and you need to know if you are choosing the best company to buy from.


This is where you need to pay heed. No matter how fantastic a printer you are getting, you need to find one that uses quality label tape at a reasonable price. You might find a cheap printer, but then you are left with a pricey, third-rate disk. Think about all those home computer printers out there – some people opt for very inexpensive printers, but then they are stuck buying costly printer replacement cartridges that wind up costing them money in the long run!

Overall, it is essential to consider famous brands in the market that already have good reviews. In this way, you will not fall for the tricks of purchasing a commercial label printer that will not serve your needs appropriately. Consider commercial label printers that are durable and can be printed either up to 4′′ (with our LabelTac 4 or 4 PRO models) or 9.5 inches (with the LabelTac 9). And finally, focus on their reliability, longevity, compatibility and because we think they will be the right tool for you.