All You Need To Know About Ducted Air Conditioning, Servicing And Its Repairs

Air conditioners are most often used to ensure a comfortable stay and adjust the temperature in the room. When it comes to air conditioning, wall units are not always a good option, both in terms of efficiency and aesthetics. In this case, it is worth considering the option of installing ducted air conditioning. If you need to create optimal conditions for several rooms at the same time, and you are of the opinion that the best air conditioner is the one that is not visible, then feel free to choose ducted air conditioners.

Ducted air conditioning – what is it?

A ducted air conditioning in the Western Sydney system is a system with a channel-type indoor unit. That is, like any air conditioning system, it consists of outdoor and indoor units interconnected by freon pipelines.

The channel type’s indoor unit includes a freon heat exchanger, the necessary electronics, and a fan to ensure air circulation through it.

Duct systems are hidden air conditioning systems. In the room where such a system is installed, only grilles or diffusers are visible (for intake and air supply), which are connected by ducts to the channel unit. Therefore, the air conditioning unit must be selected so that the fan pressure is sufficient to overcome the duct network’s resistance. Such a system can be a channel split system and a multi-split system. In the first case, there is one indoor channel per one external unit, and in the second, from 2 to 6 indoor units (of any type) per one external unit. Using these systems, it is possible to place air-dispensing devices in accordance with the arrangement of furniture and design features in the room.

Repair of ducted air conditioners

Ducted air conditioning is very convenient for large areas or premises of complex shapes. It is noteworthy that one air conditioner can serve several rooms at the same time through a duct system through which the air processed in the air conditioner enters. The indoor unit and ducts are mounted behind the ceiling, and the air is supplied through grilles or diffusers integrated into the ceiling. Channel split systems are certainly sophisticated high-tech equipment, the technical support of which should be provided by qualified service engineers. Installation, service, and repair of ducted air conditioning should be trusted by professionals in western Sydney.

Ducted air conditioners, unlike other types of split systems, can serve several rooms at once. The cooling capacity range of channel-type split systems is huge – from 2 to 250 kW, due to the fact that some manufacturers produce compact channel models. Ducted air conditioning systems are perfect for use in apartments, cottages, offices, restaurants, and shopping centres, as well as in industrial premises: workshops and warehouses.

But with this type of air conditioner, as well as with others, a breakdown can occur. Often, this is a consequence of untimely servicing, which should be carried out at least once every six months, and preferably once a quarter.

If you begin to notice malfunctions, smell, or other malfunctions in the operation of HVAC equipment, then look for ducted air conditioning specialists in western Sydney. They will conduct diagnostics and service it. The sooner you undertake to fix the air conditioner’s problems, the less it will cost you.