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Improvements To Consider For Your Bathroom Renovation Project

A renovated bathroom will add value to your home and make it look better suited to the current needs. The bathroom itself will also appear stylish. Introducing new improvements can be best done when you plan a renovation project.

If you are planning to spend money on a bathroom renovation this year, consider including at least some of the below-mentioned essential improvements. It will improve the storage, comfort, and above all, the functionality of your bathroom.

The top companies dealing with bathroom renovations in Liverpool NSW might not suggest the same. So, take our words and proceed further.

  • Hidden-tank toilets :

Modern bathroom toilets come with hidden tanks. That means the water storage area is mounted inside the bathroom wall. Such hidden-tank toilets have several benefits. If you have a small bathroom, this is a necessary introduction. The design will help in saving space and make more room in your small bathroom.

When working on your bathroom renovation, go for hidden-tank, low-flow toilets that will help you to save water after you flush. The value of your home will no doubt increase once you introduce these improvements. Hidden-cistern, low-flow toilets will fit well with contemporary and modern bathroom décor.

  • Choose a textured tile : 

Your bathroom remodeling process will demand you to make lots of choices regarding the tile, wall, and floor. The most crucial section that should be paid attention is the tile of the shower floor. Choose textured and small floor tiles for improved safety. The extra grouting and the texture of such tiles will save your feet from slipping when the floor is wet or soapy.

Such tiles are the best fit for any modern bathroom. Textured and small tiles are easy to clean. Moreover, they come with grouts that keep stains, humidity, and moulds at bay. You can choose from porcelain and ceramic tiles that will offer you several décor possibilities.

  • 2-inch drain pipes :

This is a small and almost invisible improvement that will make a huge difference in increasing the functionality of the bathroom.

In the majority of the typical bathroom, people use drain pipes that are 1 ½ inch or sometimes one ¼ inch in diameter. They are usually made of PVC plastic. Such drainpipes tend to clog quickly. Such cases are typical if you have several members of your house using the same shower.

That is the reason, majority of the bathroom renovations in Liverpool NSW dealers sell drainpipes that are of 2-inch diameter. Such pipes cost the same and help in improving the drainage quality of the bathroom.

  • A bathtub is not necessary :

Most homeowners include a bathtub in their bathroom just because they think that they ‘should’. But a tub is not an essential addition, especially if you never take a bath in a bathtub. However, there are still some real estate professionals who believe that a bathroom without a bathtub fails to increase the aesthetic appeal. But the fact is not valid concerning today’s modern bathroom, where only a sleek shower offers greater appeal.

Now that you are well aware of the proper improvements to install, go for a DIY bathroom renovation project. The plan might sound thrilling and comfortable, but without expert help from the top bathroom renovations in Liverpool NSW companies, the entire job might end up in a mess.