Find The Various Ways To Clean Stone Tiles Floor

When it comes to cleaning stone floor tiles the best options that you have are the stone floor cleaner products. There are three main ways in which you can clean your stone floor tiles – routine maintenance, cleaning the grout, and removing the stains. When it comes to routine maintenance there are a few steps that you have to take. You should sweep with a broom every day, ensure that your vacuum cleaner has a hard floor setting, mop with a mop head or soft sponge every week, and use stone cleaners in case of soft stones. There are some good reasons why you should clean your stone floor with a soft broom every day.

Routine maintenance work for cleaning stone floor tiles – more information :

You can use stone floor cleaner products for such work as well. But it would be better to get information from experts on this. The thing with these floors is that if you do not clean them regularly crumbs and dirt can build upon them. This can scratch your tiles. This is the reason why you need to sweep the floor every day. Always use a dustpan that has a rubber edge and a broom with soft bristles.

Cleaning the grout :

Stone floor cleaning products can be used for such purposes as well. Three main factors have to be kept in mind in this particular regard. Always use a soft brush to scrub the grout. In the case of white grout, the amount of bleach you use should constitute 10% of the amount of water that is being used for the same reason. If you have a colored grout you should use a solution made from water and vinegar to disinfect the same. You should always use a soft brush that is meant for scrubbing when it comes to cleaning the grouts.

More information on cleaning the grout :

You can always look for specialized stone floor cleaner products when it comes to cleaning your grout. This is especially true when it is a soft stone that you are cleaning. In the case of stones such as slate and granite, you should use the all-purpose cleaners. The brush that you use for such work should be medium-sized at the most. Before you start the process of cleaning dip it in your preferred cleaner.

Removing the stains :

There are a few things that have to be kept in mind in this particular context as well. If you have oil stains on your stone tiles you should use the likes of acetone to dissolve the same. In case you have water-based stains you should use the likes of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. If the stains are resistant you should use a poultice. Acetone is extremely effective against the likes of cooking grease, makeup splatters, and milk spills. In these cases, you need to use cotton balls for doing the cleaning work. Dip them in acetone and dab lightly on those oil-based stains. Stone floor cleaning products can be used for such purposes as well.