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Cleaning And Care Tips For a Natural Stone Floor

Natural stones found in our office and home is a significant investment and will offer you several years of seamless service. Stone is no doubt a natural product, and a little care and regular maintenance will keep it at the pink of its health.

However, you need to choose the proper natural stone cleaning products before you start a DIY natural stone cleaning job. If you are wondering how to care and clean your natural stone flooring, here are some recommendations to consider.

Precautions to take :

A few essential steps are there that you need to take to keep your natural stone surface beautiful and healthy for long years.

Make sure to remove any dust, sand, or grit from the stone’s surface if you ever notice anything.

Clean up sudden spills as early as possible.

If you are keeping glasses on the stone surface regularly, try to use coasters for each piece of glass. If the glass contains any acidic or alcoholic juices, chances are there of the stone surface getting dull.

Make sure to deep clean the stone surface periodically along with daily cleaning.

Try not to bring any hot items in direct contact with the stone surface. Use hot dishes by placing mats or trivets.

Using proper natural stone cleaning products is of immense importance. Using any acid-containing cleaner or lemon juice or vinegar is a big no-no.

It would help if you also refrained from using any abrasive cleaner like soft cleansers and dry cleansers.

Cleaning the stone surface by mixing ammonia and bleach should be strictly prohibited.

You must never mix any chemicals to clean the surface unless explicitly instructed to do so.

How to protect your natural stone?

If you have a natural stone floor near the entryways, try to place area rugs or non-slip mats to protect the stone surface. Such rags will remove any sand or loose dirt from the shoes. To prevent the accumulation of grime and grit on the surface of natural stone, go for frequent sweeping, vacuuming and dust mopping.

You can also wet mop your floor using proper natural stone cleaning products or a light vegetable soap and water mixture. However, some professionals suggest that cleaning the stone floor every day with clear water will keep the surface at the pink of its health. In case you have pets and children, then deep cleaning is required along with regular cleaning.

Daily spot cleaning is also crucial as that will help to wipe off any accidental spills. If you notice any stain, you should try to remove it immediately with a little stronger solution of detergent. However, you need to shift to poultice if the detergent cleaner is unsuccessful in cleaning the stain.

Numerous natural stone cleaning products are available in the market. That is the reason why you might find it difficult to spot the best one. So, before you end up buying any product, make sure it has been tested and certified as an all-rounder. Be it a limestone, slate, granite, or sandstone flooring; the best cleaning product will make the surface look new again.