Everything You Should Know About Digital Advertising Screen Wall

Humans are visual creatures. What they see, they catch it better. This is something that marketers have used in their advantage from the ages to create new needs and build new markets. And so, Advertisement and its mediums have also been revised and evolved with varying requirements.

Now, we often see large and small digital screens on walls with animations and visual content at the airports, restaurants, malls, shops, colleges, hospitals and even on streets. We all take a moment to stop and take a look at them. Don’t we? Whether to entertain, inform, advertise or educate, digital display screens are becoming more and more widespread than ever. So, here’s everything you need to know about this new age innovation.

What is a Digital Screen wall?

In other words, called as a Digital Signage, Digital display screen is nothing but an effective way of grabbing the audience’s attention towards a particular text, image, audio and video through digital displays. LEDs, LCDs, Plasma, projection, media players and other kinds of digital displays are mediums adopted to convey a particular message to the target viewers.

Digital advertising screens also can be seen as a network of digital displays that are controlled and managed centrally.

Emerged and trends for advertising, entertainment, promotions and information sharing, Digital display screens are transforming the way of marketing.

Why is it trending?

As per the recent trend analysis, India’s digital signage market is anticipated to reach $874 million by the year 2022. The conventional billboards and hoardings are already replaced by digital screens both outdoors and indoors.

The probable reasons why digital screens are now widely opted is due to their lower costs, a greater degree of flexibility, connectivity and robust features.

The cost of LEDs and other display screens has considerably been lowered overtime making it Not only cost-saving but also an eco-friendly option.

Ranging from high-resolution screen to low-resolution screens, the digital display screens are available in a range of pixel densities. They are manageable, modifiable and portable.

The media players can be connected via a variety of mediums including the wireless data, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc.

Digital screen displays come with one or more features like automatic colour and brightness matching, range in sizes and weight, external control unit, colour fidelity etc. These help in meeting the communication goals of a user.

The sectors contributing to the revenues of key players in the market of digital display screens include entertainment, retail, hospitality and Government and transportation.

However, the semi-urban and rural regions are yet completely inhaled by the new concept of advertising owing to a lesser degree of awareness concerning technological advancements.

Why should I go for Digital Advertising Display Screen? (Benefits of Digital Screen)

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Digital Signage is a fit for all kinds of businesses if the cost is not a constraint. Using Digital Display screens to fruitfully capture the attention of the target audience is just one of the advantages. Apart from this, a digital screen can benefit organizations in some other ways. How? Here are the reasons-

– The audience responds faster to the digital Screen Wall with pictures and videos, resultantly getting noticed much quicker. Motions are easier to recall leading to contribution in seizing maximum impressions and leads.

– The displays can be controlled and operated remotely from anywhere giving you the flexibility to modify and change the content of the display suiting the time, place or the audience in focus.

– It is a rather better way of communicating your message to the audience. One can choose to display their content through slideshows, videos, audios, images, texts etc. or may shuffle between these to avoid monotone to keep the audience interested.

– It is a cost-effective option owing to its high durability and low upkeep.

Where to Install my Digital Display Screen?

To best meet your communication goals and marketing aims, digital display screens should be installed in most noticeable spaces. The three noteworthy points to be kept in mind while picking a space for your digital display screen is that it should be installed –

– In the high traffic areas with a considerable amount of footfall.

– In the proximity of Wi-Fi routers, if the content is internet driven.

– At the right angle and height for the best display.

How to install?

Installation is not something to worry about as most companies take care of the digital screen wall installation when you buy with them. However, with self-assembly Digital Screens, one can do it themselves without any trouble by following a few simple steps-

– Unpack and then carefully place the frames on the screen. Avoid any damages and handle the LEDs at the corners and sides of the frame.

– Now position the side of the frame by side. The easy lock quick-release mechanism on the top and joints of the frames help in holding them.

– Proceed to Data wiring. Begin wiring from the lower-left frame and follow a zigzag pattern to connect DATA IN and DATA OUT port. Continue until you finish the data wiring.

– Finally, do the Power Wiring. Connect to the POWER IN port of the first frame from the power socket, and continue from the POWER OUT port to the POWER IN port of the subsequent cabin.

How to make my Digital Advertising Screen effective?

To make most of your digital advertising screen, you should ensure it contains a few essential features that can help it stand out.

– Create and display engaging content capable enough to grab the attention of the audience.

– Ensure Multi-user access to the right individuals who can help improve the management of the digital screen wall.

– Go for a commercial-grade display instead of consumer-grade screens as they offer long-lasting and quality display apart from providing interoperability.

– Your digital display screen should be updateable conveniently through API or web so that relevant and engaging content reach the audience whenever required. Hence, dynamic content integrations should be taken utmost care of.

– An effective digital screen wall should have an optimal network monitoring and reporting system.

It is fairly concludable that Digital screen walls are an impactful way to speak to the audience on the organization’s behalf. These have an edge over any other media, because these can serve multiple purposes, are flexible, easy to use, effective and reliable. Hence, there’s no disagreement with the idea that digital wall screen is the future of communication.