Types & Advantages of LED Signs

The digital signage or LED digital signage is the issue of advertising content through screens and any digital platform such as projectors, totems or touch panels. Digital signage is the latest technological resource that allows highlighting advertisements in public areas or points of sale. It offers the company to personalize its messages to create and distribute them according to its convenience. The LED digital signage available in Sydney combines the best of digital advertising with much stronger results.

Types of Digital Signage available in Sydney

Endless strategies can be carried out through digital signage, and for this, it is important to identify that there are two types of LED signs that are classified according to their location. Let’s see what they are:

1) Indoor digital signage

Indoor digital signage is committed to proximity and more direct contact with the consumer through digital and interactive screens. As its name suggests, this type of Digital Signage is located in strategic places or points of sale such as shopping centers, bars, hotels, shop windows, pharmacies. Other places like fast-food restaurants, clothing stores and even in companies as an internal information channel.

Indoor digital signage is much cheaper and, for this reason, is the most used by small and medium-sized companies. The success of this type of project lies in placing the ad in a strategic area to influence the purchase and encourage interaction.

2) Outdoor digital signage

The outdoor digital signage is the one that is located in public places such as gas stations, squares, pedestrian streets, bus stops or subway cars. Outdoor  Digital Signage is much more expensive than indoor, as it offers greater visibility and invites ads to be much more ambitious, creative and colorful. If you choose this type of advertising, it is important to create a bright, very original and disruptive advertisement that stands out from the rest of the posters that maybe abroad.

4 advantages of Digital Signage:

Digital Signage or digital multimedia signage is a communication tool. It allows the dissemination of advertising and informational messages through different devices, such as indoor or outdoor LED screens, luminous music (digital street furniture), signs, etc. It is a useful tool for companies, which can distribute videos and advertising messages, and also for all types of public bodies, as they facilitate the dissemination of messages aimed at citizens. The 4 main advantages of these systems are:

1) Power of attraction

The images in high definition, the color and the variety of the contents catch the attention of all the types of public. Unlike traditional posters and canvases, which eventually go unnoticed, the LED signage display can surprise you day by day. That is due to the ability to vary contents and adjust them to the schedules and the characteristics of the target.

2) Diversity of uses

Very diverse content and in different formats can be made known to the public. In addition to advertisements, news, useful information, music videos, sporting events, etc. can be introduced. Everything will depend on the location, the type of audience and the intentionality of the advertisers. The more varied the content, the greater its capture power. The contents can be programmed according to the time slots so that they adapt to the type of public characteristic of each time segment.

3) Brand empowerment

On numerous occasions, the public loosely fixes their attention on an advertising image but is not able to recall the brand it represents. In the case of the Digital Signage in Sydney, studies show that 80% of people consider an advertisement on a Led screen to remember the advertiser’s brand.

4) Improved shopping experience

In shopping centers, waiting times in front of boxes, counters or changing rooms can be endless. The establishments that place Led screens to achieve the effect of entertaining customers and strengthening their advertising by offering buyers products that they may not have seen.

The importance of digital signage in the modern world

Today, digital signage is gaining a lot of importance in satisfying people’s screen advertising needs. Yes, signaling combines traditional and modern aspects of interaction, which offers wonderful results to companies.

1) Increase the visibility of the company: The biggest problem that retailers face is the overcoming of all that marketing noise that other companies generate in the market in magazines, newspapers, television, etc… Yes, all companies use signs in shop windows in order to excel in the crowd. With this signaling, you can direct the attention of buyers and stand out in the competition. The customer after being convinced enters, and will undoubtedly buy in your business.

2) Solidify relationships with suppliers and customers: Imagine a waiting room, in which all customers are waiting to fix their cars. Now, instead of regular cable news, you show special offers, let us know when there are review campaigns. For example, rewards can be offered to the audience. In addition, digital signals can be used in the lobby to receive visitors, customers, and suppliers.

3) Delivering information efficiently: Now, when it comes to emergency situations, this network can become extremely efficient. It provides critical information for customers, messages to alert employees, vital information, for an orderly and risk-free evacuation.

4) Draw attention: These signs attract more attention compared to those static. Yes, human minds are attracted to the movement very easily. The eyes are automatically directed to these types of moving objects. Now, a digital signal is dynamic and show movement attracts attention and also maintains it.

5) Increase employee efficiency: What about a small industrial plant, where information must be communicated to thousands of workers. It is practically impossible to go to each of the employees and transmit this information. What to do in such a case? Well, use digital signage to communicate, inform workers. At the same time, an efficient and safe environment is maintained.

So now, we all know about several reasons why it matters, right? There are several essential factors that cannot be ignored. Take a look at the summary of benefits;

– Saves time

– Provides information efficiently

– Good customer relationship

– Branding is improved

– Easy way to attract attention

Get in touch with a good  LED signage display company in Sydney and get the benefits.