Trends In Bathroom Vanities You Should Adapt

Bathroom vanities are a big thing and can play a major role in giving your bathroom an enhanced look. They are often the focus in the room and a good way to get a new look to your kitchen. If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom anytime soon, this blog is just for you.

Here are some of the hot trends you can look to for your Bathroom Vanities In Sydney: 

1. White, ebony and grey vanities:

By a long shot, these are the most well-known colours (and in a specific order). These hues go with for all intents and purposes all restroom styles and hues as they are unbiased. White will help make space bigger which is a significant thought if you are space obliged. If you lean toward a black vanity, consider utilizing a light white ledge.

You must also take note of that cooler tones, for example, silvers and greys, are substantially more upscale versus hotter, for example, taupes, beiges, and gold, so remember this when picking paint hues, vanity hues, equipment, lighting, and mirrors. Ensure everything will work well together.

2. Vessel sinks:

These have been on the ascent for quite a while, and they can truly give your washroom an amazing look. You will frequently observe stone vessel sinks or surprising items matched together. You can truly get enjoyment with this. Vessel sinks are more mainstream for powder rooms than for full-size washrooms. They truly add some energy to a room and turn into the focus.

3. Open shelving:

This has been a trend for many years and it doesn’t seem to fade away anytime soon. Open shelving can make a space look increasingly rich and spa-like (think extravagant white collapsed towels), just as friendlier and additionally welcoming. Critically, it also makes your space look bigger. This truly proves to be useful for little spaces, for example, bathrooms.]

4. Floating vanities:

This trend has gotten exceptionally well known in hotels, and now we are beginning to find it in private houses as well. An incredible aspect regarding these vanities is that the height can be adjusted according to the need. These types of bathroom vanities available in Sydney give you increasingly open space which can truly prove to be useful if you have a little washroom. A portion of these are smooth and resemble an upscale bit of work of art.

5. Open bottom vanities:

Truly, those old bathroom vanities in Sydney that go level to the base look quite dated nowadays. Presently, the inclination is for open base vanities. They include more space and cause the restroom to feel less jumbled. If you are replacing a vanity (without refreshing the ground surface), make sure that your tiles go right with the wall.


Vanities are an important aspect of your bathrooms and are probably with the most used thing in your bathroom. So, while choosing a vanity for your bathroom, make sure you have chosen the most appropriate one. Because choosing the wrong one can spoil the whole look of your kitchen. Consult your contractor or interior designer and see what they have to say. Carefully follow their suggestions.