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The Most Popular Types Of Power Racks To Buy!

So, are you a fitness freak who is very particular regarding maintaining a proper workout routine to do everything best for your body to get fabulous results?

If you are such a workout enthusiast you must have felt at least once to have a compact and personal gym at your home with the same well-equipped power rack which you will find at a particular gym as all the gym visitors know how important the power rack is in doing the workout. This equipment is necessarily required by the people who lift heavy dumbbells and weights and help in increasing the body’s versatility as well as flexibility to the next level. 

So, to help you with this even when you are planning to buy it for yourself to keep at your home or if you are planning to open a gym of your own then, in both these cases this article will be beneficial as it will be providing you with the detailed information regarding the most popular and best power racks you can opt for:

  1. Half racks 

The structural feature of the half racks is that it consists of dual standing solid bars of metal placed face to face with a stand where the weights are kept. They take up comparatively way lesser space when compared to the other types of racks and come even with the safety bars installed to protect you from sudden serious injuries which may be caused due to sudden dropping of the weights.

  1. Full power rack

Among all the other types of power racks which you will read in this article the full power racks are the most popular ones which you will find in every kind of gym be it a local small one to the fanciest one with high-tech equipment. It too comprises double safety bars and helps you to do a variety of exercises rather than just normal weight-lifting as well because of the metal rods attached to both sides which enables people to perform several stretching exercises. So, all you need to do is to adjust the height accordingly at the end. 

  1. Sumo power rack 

The sumo power rack is kind of similar to the full power racks that we discussed above but, the main area of difference between these two is the space availability while placing the feet. Deadlifts and squats are the additional exercises popularly performed by people on this type of power rack.

  1. Squat Power Rack

The squat power racks allow the person to efficiently and comfortably perform the squats while lifting heavy weights. One thing you must check is to make sure that these come with the safety arms while ordering as many times while ordering it doesn’t include the safety arms which are quite essential to avoid workout injuries and mishaps. 


Hence, these are some of the most popularly demanded power racks which you can install for your commercial or home gym to work out regularly and achieve all your fitness goals.