Taking An Endodontist Appointment? Take A Look At What Procedures They Perform!

Some of our patients wonder what the distinction between an endodontist and a dentist is. An endodontist is essentially a specialist dentist who has completed an additional two or more years of education beyond dental school. These primary dental merrylands specialists have received in-depth expertise in various areas, including root canals, as a result of this additional training (among other procedures). This is why primary dental merrylands endodontists are sometimes referred to as “root canal dentists.” But that’s just half the tale. Continue reading to discover more about the conditions and treatments that your dentist may send you to an endodontist for.

However, there are times when a dental patient will require the assistance of a different primary dental merrylands specialist. An endodontist is one such expert, and your dentist may recommend you to one for the following operations. 

Root canal treatment

When the pulp tissue deep inside a tooth gets infected or inflamed, it causes symptoms of (often severe) discomfort. The damaged tissue is made up of connective tissues, blood arteries, and nerves; an infection in this area must be treated before it worsens.

Root canal therapy is used to save your original tooth and avoid bridges or implants, as well as to reduce pain symptoms. An anaesthetic is used to numb the region, much as it is with a filling. After removing the diseased pulp tissue, the canals are carefully cleaned and disinfected. After that, the root canals are filled with an inert, biocompatible material. The tooth is sealed shut at the conclusion of the surgery to avoid further infections.

To help safeguard the afflicted tooth, a dental crown is often applied at primary dental merrylands clinic. The crown is a cap that goes over the surface of your tooth; you still have your original, natural tooth in situ, but the infection has been removed and the structure has been reinforced!

Root-level infections 

A root canal is effective in the vast majority of instances, and no additional treatment is necessary. However, in certain situations, the pain may recur and a new infection may form, maybe in minor branches of the root canals. In these cases, a primary dental merrylands endodontist may need to perform further treatments to eradicate the infection and reduce pain caused by the subsequent flare-up. Each patient is treated on an individual basis; your dentist and endodontist (who may be the same person!) will carefully go through your choices with you if the pain returns following your root canal operation.

Fractures in the teeth

Some fractures are minor and only on the surface, and they may typically be repaired with a filling or bonding. However, there are times when the fracture is larger and deeper, producing substantial pain and posing issues when chewing. The associated pressure and temperature sensitivity can be overwhelming.

The soft tissues within a broken tooth can become inflamed, and when the nerves in this location are disturbed, the pain can become excruciating. A primary dental merrylands endodontist can fix a broken tooth to alleviate discomfort. An endodontist will repair the damage and ease the discomfort caused by any form of crack, from a broken tooth to a vertical root fracture.

Injury management procedures

A tooth may get dislodged as a result of a severe injury. It might be pushed out, in, or out of place in any way, impacting not just the tooth but also the surrounding area. A primary dental merrylands endodontist can be quite helpful in these situations.