Manitou telehandler hire

4 Critical Factors To Consider For Manitou Telehandler Hire

The productivity of a business increases only when you use the appropriate tools and equipment. Therefore, it is vital to remember some essentials during Manitou telehandler hire. The right decision will assist you in selecting suitable equipment for your work.

So if you are planning to hire a telehandler, you should know the parameters to consider before proceeding with the rental. These machines are capable of handling a variety of tasks, including construction work, industrial jobs, and warehouse management. 

Hence, knowledge about the factors that matter while renting the equipment is important. 

1: Capacity check for Manitou telehandler hire

One of eh primary factors that will differentiate the variety of available telehandler models is the lifting capacity. 

  • You should ideally rent a model that can easily handle more weight than the load sizes you want to move. 
  • Choosing a model with a load capacity equal to your load size will be a risk. If the operator exceeds its capacity by chance, it can put the crew in danger.
  • The weight limit of the telehandler boom will be lower than its maximum capacity when it works at maximum height. 

So, calculate the capacity smartly before investing in Manitou telehandler hire.

2: Height 

What’s the workspace height where you intend to use this model? You need to choose the height of the telehandler accordingly. 

  • Maximum height denotes the vertical height to which the equipment can lift the load.
  • The height will vary depending on weight capacity. 

Considering the minimum weight of Manitou telehandler hire, the standard top height will be less than 200 feet. But there are models with a capacity of 6,000 to 9,000 pounds that can reach a maximum height of 42 inches. So check the range before hiring. 

3: Turning radius

Have you measured the team’s workspace? It is important before hiring a telehandler. Manoeuvrability is a critical factor for the operators. You need to check on the turning radius to determine whether the operators can easily move it around to perform necessary functions. 

If the workspace is small and cluttered, you cannot go for the models that have a higher turning radius. So, the space available at the warehouse or the factory will be an important factor that can influence the choice of Manitou telehandler hire.

Factor 4: Boom pivot pin

There can be certain significant differences in the designs of equipment from different manufacturers. One such difference is the positioning of the boom pivot pin. 

  • The position of the boon in the high-pin models will b over the operator. So, the operator has to look under the equipment while transporting the loads. 
  • In the low-pin style, the operator can view the boom due to the converse design.

The positioning of the boom pivot pin will also determine the model’s efficiency. Consider the low-pin Manitou telehandler hire if you want to carry the loads closer to the ground. But the high-pin style will support better for the lifting. 

Choose wisely

The above knowledge will go a long way in selecting the right model for hiring. Telehandlers can make a big difference in productivity if you make a suitable choice.