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What Are The Most Common Plumbing Problems In The Household?

Plumber Parramatta

When you first started living in your new home, everything seemed perfectly fine. Now few years down the lane, you can face some plumbing issues once in a while. Whether you are suffering from Blocked Drains in Parramatta or any issue with the plumbing pipe leakage, you need a number of professional plumbers always handy. 

You never know when you might need their services for covering your Plumbing in Parramatta needs. So, keeping their numbers by your side is always the safe decision you could possibly make. But before any of that, learn some of the most common plumbing issues faced in every household. So don’t worry! You are not the only one.

Clogged toilets and drains:

When you take a shower or empty a sink, you can see the water backing up. It is a clear sign that your drains have been clogged, and you need a Plumber in Parramatta for help. When it comes to toilet clogs, the signs are almost immediate. In place of flushing down the water normally, you can see the water backing up inside the toilet bowl. Sometimes, it might even overflow.

Cleaning out the blockage will help in restoring the condition of the drain and even help your toilet to get back to normal. For that, you can use the plunger for that DIY task. In case the matter gets out of hand, the plumber is just a call away!

Leaky pipes and faucets:

In most houses and apartments, leaky pipes and faucets can be a common troubling point. With affordable plumbing services, you can get the issues covered right on time!

Dripping faucets can be more of a nuisance than what you have imagined and also a waste of money. You need a plumbing emergency during that stage. However, those drips can add up quickly to your monthly water bill! So, getting it treated ASAP is the only solution left.

Well, you might be surprised to know that a leaking faucet causes one drop per second. If you count that, it will be more than 3000 gallons of water lost every year! The leaking faucets are quite easy to spot, and you can immediately give a 24-hour plumber a call before the situation escalates.

Always make sure to catch the problem immediately if you don’t want to cause some serious trouble later. You can easily spot a leaking pipe after a certain span of time, especially when you see a puddle below the pipeline or hear a dripping sound.

Issues with the water heater:

It is very easy to spot some of the water heater issues, and you need to catch up with the bathroom plumbing experts to get some help. Maybe you plan to get some warm shower but end up getting doused by freezing cold water. Water puddles, dripping water, discoloured water and even noises coming out of the heater are some of the signs that you need to call an expert right away! 

In some instances, you can try troubleshooting the issue on your own. But, in most instances, water heater related issues will always need professional help because of the potential for danger and high-end complexity.

Lower water pressure:

In old houses, lower water pressure is always a common issue. Nowadays, such plumbing issues can happen in new homes as well. Lower water pressure can arise suddenly or might start getting worse with time. No matter whatever the situation is, you better call quality plumbing experts during the initial stages to avoid further problems.

These experts are just a phone call away. So, make sure to catch up with the emergency plumbers and get bathroom-related issues resolved when you have time in hand.